February 2017

Human and Animal Dermal S9 Fractions now available as standard products

Subcellular fractions are widely used in drug discovery and preclinical drug development, for evaluation of the in vitro metabolism of new therapeutics.

In addition to the skin fractions already available for CD1 Mouse and IGS Sprague Dawley Rat , Sekisui Xenotech are now releasing human and minipig dermal subcellular fractions.

Discover these ready-to-use Dermal Subcellular Fractions

Fully Licenced Solute Carrier (SLC) cell lines

Watch a video explaining the use of these FDA and EMA recommended transporters, which are fully licenced, enabling use of data for publication or file submission.

See data examples obtained with OATP1B1 Cell line

In vitro Products & Reagents - Technology Guide

The next edition of this popular guide will be available in a few months time.
Explore a wide selection of high quality products to support your drug metabolism research: from hepatocytes to subcellular fractions, recombinant enzymes, substrates and metabolites.
Benefit from Xenotech scientists' expertise in the technical appendix, providing tips, protocols, characterization assays to help setup and optimize assays.

Get your copy of the current edition - limited numbers still available

Drug Metabolizing Enzymes and Transporters in NASH
15th February - 3pm Central European Time

Research Application of Variants of Fatty Liver Disease (FLD) Tissues

Presented by Maciej Czerwinski, Ph.D. (Sekisui XenoTech – Director of Consulting), topics covered will include fatty liver disease – characterization and progression, and the effects of fatty liver diseases on drug metabolism and transport.

Register online now to reserve your place for next Wednesday

14th European ISSX Meeting - June 2017
26 - 29 June - Gürzenich - Cologne - Germany

Meet up with Dr. Ali el Bayâ to discuss your projects and needs.

Looking forward to welcoming you to our booth!

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