Which Live Cell Imaging tools will count in 2017? The most popular ELISA kits? Read more..




Three Fluorescent probes sure to count in 2017

The use of fluorescent probes for detecting and monitoring cellular and molecular events in living cells is becoming more and more popular.
2016 was marked by the launch of numerous innovative fluorescent probes covering various areas such as mitophagy, mitochondrial Singlet Oxygen Imaging (Si-DMA), lipophilic peroxides (MitoPEDPP)...

Which probes will boost your live cell imaging this year?
Which probes will boost your Live Cell Imaging ?


Detect Luciferase in your reporter cell lines

High-throughput, sensitive quantitation of
firefly luciferase activity in cell culture

BPS Bioscience has developed the One-Step Luciferase Assay System, accomplished in a single step as the lysis buffer has been formulated with D-luciferin. It can be used with a wide variety of their reporter cell lines, as well as other reporter cell lines based on firefly luciferase reporters.

Detect luciferase in your reporter cell lines with this versatile method

Kyoto Probe 1 (KP-1) for LCI or FCM

Live Cell Imaging and cell sorting by Flow Cytometry are possible experimental approaches in stem cell research and regenerative medicine. The Kyoto Probe 1 (KP-1 - GORYO Chemicals) is a unique chemical, cell permeable dye which enters human pluripotent stem cells and localizes in the mitochondria, leading to fluorescent staining in the cells.

Distinguish iPS cells from differentiated cells with KP-1


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Use actin probes in fixed cells (Acti-stain fluorescent phalloidins) to visualise the exquisite detail of the cytoskeleton. Make the most of our special offer to select two Actin reagents by Cytoskeleton, and get 50% off the second one!

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Discover Cell2Sphere™ – now available through tebu-bio

We are pleased to announce a new collaboration with StemTek, to provide Cell2Sphere™ to researchers throughout Europe. Cell2Sphere™ is a unique, ready-to-use solution for 3D drug compound screening, composed of 96-well plates containing cancer stem cells and media for 3D spheroid generation, which are delivered frozen for long-term storage... [ Read more ]

Ppc-1 small molecule: new mitochondria uncoupling agent

In 2015, Suzuki et al. hypothesized that this new mitochondrial regulator could be a valuable tool for mitochondrial research and for obesity treatment. Ppc-1 (Funakoshi) is a novel small molecule derived from cellular slime mould, now commercially available in Europe via tebu-bio... [ Read more... ]


5 popular RayBio® ELISA kits to study inflammation

With more than 170,000 publications in 2016, inflammation remains a "hot" topic in today's Life Science research (source: Google Scholar). Interestingly, ELISA kits are still one of the most popular tools for the accurate quantification of human cytokines involved in this biological process. Here, we review the 5 protein targets most studied by our clients, together with their preferred choice of ELISA kits in the field of inflammation.

Which ELISA kit for your protein target?


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