September 2016


Picokine™ ELISA kits

The Picokine™ line of ELISA kits is the culmination of over 20 years of development. Today, Elodie tells you a bit more about this innovation by Boster for your ELISA tests.

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Publication Grade Antibodies

High Quality Publication Grade Antibodies

At, you can conveniently access an innovative range of antibody reagents (primary and secondary) and kits (ELISAs, Arrays...) from the most renowned brands & manufacturers.

You can rely on quality products from the most up-to-date, innovative antibody sources compatible with protein detection and quantification.

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Human Phosphotyrosine TYK2 ELISA

The RayBio® Phospho-TYK2 ELISA (Enzyme-Linked Immuno-sorbent Assay) kit is a very rapid, convenient and sensitive assay kit that can monitor the activation or function of important biological pathways in cell lysates. By determining phosphor-TYK2 in your experimental model system, you can verify pathway activation in your cell lysates. You can simultaneously measure numerous different cell lysates without spending excess time and effort in performing a Western Blot analysis.

Human Phosphotyrosine TYK2 ELISA
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Renal injury biomarkers

Renal injury can sometimes be induced by drugs. Since 2008, both the FDA and the EMEA indicated that additional tests may be necessary to assess new drug safety and prevent from renal toxicity. Though these recommendations are voluntary, many pharmaceutical companies have started gathering data on nephrotoxicity biomarkers.

Discover new protein biomarkers to investigate renal injury

5 popular kits to study ECM

All cell types are in contact with the ExtraCellular Matrix (ECM), a complex and dynamic network of macromolecules with different physical and biochemical properties. The ECM plays an essential rule in structural support, adhesion, movement and cell regulation. Its components are frequently monitored, which requires robust and user-friendly kits.

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PTM antibodies are ideal for analysis where spatiotemporal information about the modified protein is necessary.

We're pleased to bring you a range of highly specific PTM antibodies, developed by Rockland Immunochemicals' scientists according to proprietary methods, for use in a wide range of in vitro and in vivo studies of a modified protein.

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RIPA buffer is one of the most useful protein extraction buffers and maintains most native structures of proteins. Nevertheless, RIPA buffer is not convenient enough to extract membrane proteins and membrane-associated proteins concentrated in lipid raft. UltraRIPA kit for Lipid Raft provides a solution to extract and analyze membrane proteins or membrane-associated proteins enriched in lipid rafts with native structure and function.

Next generation RIPA buffer
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Quansys tebu-bio

Multiplex quantification of proteins through immunoassays is an ideal tool for translational medicine and biomarker discovery approaches.
No need to allocate funds to special equipment, or put your samples at peril... outsource your multiplexing analysis!

Rely on the solid experience of our scientists to competently advise you on the appropriate immunoassay-based approach, to securely perform your multiplex assays, and to accompany you with full and detailed analysis of your results.

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The world’s leading perfumery cosmetics network, Cosmetic Valley, will hold this year's Cosmetic-360 Meeting in Paris (October 13th & 14th, 2016).

Our specialists will be pleased to discuss the recent advances in cosmetology and in R&D. Don't hesitate to contact Frédéric Dubor, our Laboratory Sales Manager, to make an appointment or to drop by our booth (H-1).

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