Attractively priced chemical compounds, inhibitors, activators…

tebu-bio recently introduced a new search engine for compounds such as activators, inhibitors and reference compounds.

Now, you can search a huge compound data base containing molecules offered by leading specialist suppliers such as Focus BiomoleculesTargetMolBioaustralis and many more manufacturers who offer a targeted portfolio of compounds along with enzymes, substrates and kits focusing on diverse research fields, e.g. Epigenetics, Ubiquitination...

Find all your active small molecules with our powerful compound search engine

New! Multicolour Live Cell Imaging with SiR stains

The Silicon Rhodamine-like (SiR) technology has significantly contributed to the recent development of DNA and cytoskeletal analysis by live cell imaging.
The first two SiR-Actin and SiR-Tubulin fluorescent probes for studying actin & tubulin by live cell imaging were launched in 2014, followed by the SiR-DNA probe to visualize DNA in living cells. The continuously growing number of researchers using these stains has frequently asked us "Is there another colour to allow for double staining e.g. of Actin and Tubulin in living cells?"

Today, we're pleased to introduce a new series of SiR Fluorogenic Probes for multicolour live cell imaging.

Discover SiR700 and SiR-Lysosome in action


Why prefer WST-8 to WST-1?

If you're still using MTT or WST-1 for your cell counting, or if you've already switched to WST-8, you should definitely read on to see why you should be interested in our Cell Counting Kit!

See the 5 main benefits of our Cell Counting WST-8 kit

MitoPeDPP: a unique fluorescent dye for live cell imaging

Dojindo just completed its offer in the field of mitochondrial research with the release of a unique fluorescent dye for live cell imaging. This post introduces this new MitoPeDPP mitochondrial probe..

Discover this new mitochondrial fluorescent probe


Get a second Cell Emigré™ Assay for free with tebu-bio!

The Cell Émigré Migration Assay is a convenient cell culture chip suitable for rapid & quantitative assessment of linear mammalian cell migration rate.

To benefit from this offer valid from the 1st to the 30th of September, simply mention Promo Code OFFERM1000X1 on your order. For the purchase of one Cell Emigré™ assay kit ( M1000 or M2000) you will receive one extra free of the same reference. 

Access simply linear cell migration with our September offer


Cancer Immunotherapy
Investigate the TIGIT/CD226 Pathway

In this post, our specialist, Ali, concentrates on the TIGIT/CD226 pathway, because it acts through a novel mechanism to regulate CD8+ T cell functions within the tumour microenvironment...[ Read more ]

Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) and related assay kits

ROS are reactive molecules and free radicals derived from molecular oxygen involved in cellular homeostasis. An excess of ROS production causes significant damage to cell structures. In this post, let’s review the research tools for studying this process also known as Oxidative stress... [ Read more... ]


In this post, Jean-François, our Cells & Cell-Based Assays specialist & Sales manager invites you to take a look at a highly efficient and useful kit, which brings together all the required components you need in a complete system for culturing and transfecting human pluripotent stem cells for gene editing.

Discover this kit and use it for your research


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