JUNE 2016


Have a closer look at GPCR mediated signaling!

Dye based methods to measure Ca2+ are very well established, whereas there are no dyes available for most of the other second messengers in these signalling pathways.
That’s why Montana Molecular developed genetically encoded fluorescent biosensors for second messengers such as cAMP, DAG, PIP2, and Ca2+.

Learn more about these genetically encoded fluorescent biosensors

How to choose the best 3D technology for your assay?

Cell culture models using 2D substrates have provided important conceptual advances in understanding the biology of cells. However, cells grown on flat 2D surfaces can differ substantially from physiological environments. Animal models provide a useful tool to study biology in a physiologically relevant environment but are expensive, time-consuming, use a significant amount of test material, and do not always provide a useful extrapolation to humans.

In this article, our expert looks at the key factors to consider when choosing your 3D culture system.

Choose the best 3D technology for your assay


Next generation non-invasive DNA collection device

The most popular way to collect DNA is drawing blood. Not very pleasant for the patient, as we have all noticed, and it also requires an experienced person, a nurse. Alternatively, saliva sampling can be used to collection DNA, with the advantage of being painless, but so far yields have been highly variable, lower than with blood, and kits were quite expensive. Not any more!

Discover a new method to easily collect DNA based on buccal sampling

How to detect Singlet Oxygen by live cell imaging?

Singlet Oxygen (1O2) fluorescent detection in living cells was limited by the lack of availability of cell membrane permeable dyes. The silicon-based far-red fluorescent probe (Si-DMA) has been especially designed to monitor singlet oxygen in real-time and in living cells.
Si-DMA is now commercially available for ROS studies by live-cell imaging.

Focus on Si-DMA for your Mitochondrial Singlet Oxygen Imaging

Next generation RIPA buffer: a new kit for Lipid Raft

RIPA buffer is one of the most useful protein extraction buffers and maintains most native structures of proteins. Nevertheless, RIPA buffer is not convenient enough to extract membrane proteins and membrane-associated proteins concentrated in lipid raft. UltraRIPA kit for Lipid Raft provides a solution to extract and analyze membrane proteins or membrane-associated proteins enriched in lipid rafts with native structure and function.

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Buy 1 Bosterbio primary, and get your secondary FREE

Throughout July, tebu-bio will match your primary antibodies with a FREE HRP conjugated secondary polyclonal antibody guaranteed for WB and IHC applications.
Choose your qualified secondary antibodies from a list and take advantage of this promotion.

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Designer Nucleosomes – the next generation of epigenetic substrates!

As some epigenetic enzymes require highly specific substrates, Epicypher has now launched a new product line –Designer Nucleosomes (dNuc). dNUCs are semi-synthetic nucleosomes incorporating specific histone post-translational modifications.

These reagents represent a powerful new technology – critical in understanding chromatin biology and for the development of novel drug targets and precision therapeutics...[ Read more... ]


Circulating miRNA (cmiRNA) may bring new hope for modern medicine, but still a lot of research has to be done to determine the specific signature for each pathology, and also depending on the patient background. Obviously, cmiRNA profiling is a key step and requires sensitive and reproducible method. 

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