May 2016


30 cancer proteins in one array!

We are pleased to have recently added innovative cancer Arrays to our product offer.†These 3 Human Cancer Arrays are designed to broadly cover an array of cancer associated proteins from a smaller 10 target arrays†to a larger 30 target array.

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Make sure you detect all your Human IFN-alpha

For humans, IFN-α consists of a group of proteins that are greater than 85% homologous by amino acid sequence. A lot of individual human IFN-α subtypes have been identified and many have different properties. A variety of studies suggested they possess overlapping but also unique sets of biological activities. Quantification of IFN is essential but usually methods donít take account all IFN types.

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Biomarkers of stemness

Stem Cells are used more and more often in biomedical research,†not only for regenerative medicine but also for the study of genetic diseases and development of new treatments.†One of the first things to do when you’re working on this kind of cells is to check their stemness.†
In this post, Elodie†invites you†to look at†a†popular antibody allowing you to monitor the level of differentiation of your cellular model, as well as†an innovation related to antibody arrays and stem cell research.

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New sensitive kit to detect IFNGR1

Good news for the interferon domain this month with the launch of a new kit: the Verikine Human Interferon Gamma Receptor 1 (IFNGR1) ELISA Kit. This immunoassay provides researchers with a high quality product and excellent data reproducibility for this area... [ Read more ]

Global cytokine profiles and cancer drug resistance

In a recent review published in BBA, RayBiotech‘'s team highlights the “cytokine signatures and dynamics” seen during cancer development. They also demonstrate the necessity of designing relevant multiplex immunoassays for the profiling and the quantification of cytokines in biomarker and anti-cancer drug discovery programs... [ Read more ]


tebu-bio's†experts have chosen RayBiotech's†ELISA†kits for their high quality and reputation.

  • Sandwich ELISA
  • EIA†
  • Phosphorylation ELISA
  • Cell-Based Phosphorylation ELISA
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