MAY 2016


Still using MTT or WST-1 for cell counting? 

If the answer is yes, we're sure you’ll be interested to learn more about WST-8 and our Cell Counting Kit-8 (CCK-8).

If the answer is no, and you’ve already switched to WST-8, just have a look at our price list… you might be surprised! 

Explore the main advantages of using CCK-8


DNA-IN® Stem Transfection Reagent

Transfecting stem cells without inhibiting cell viability and cell growth has shown to be difficult. DNA-In® Stem Transfection Reagent offers a simple, robust and reproducible method for delivering DNA into a wide range of stem cells. Formulated and optimized specifically for embryonic and adult stem cells, DNA-In® Stem is a new-generation transfection reagent that enables high efficiency transfection while maintaining maximum cell viability and cell growth.... 

Discover the benefits of using DNA-In® Stem Transfection Reagent

New sensitive kit to detect IFNGR1

Good news for the interferon domain this month with the launch of a new kit: the Verikine Human Interferon Gamma Receptor 1 (IFNGR1) ELISA Kit. This immunoassay provides researchers with a high quality product and excellent data reproducibility for this area.

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tebu-bio's experts have chosen RayBiotech's ELISA kits for their high quality and reputation.

  • Sandwich ELISA
  • EIA 
  • Phosphorylation ELISA
  • Cell-Based Phosphorylation ELISA
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Global cytokine profiles and cancer drug resistance

In a recent review published in BBA, RayBiotech‘s team highlights the “cytokine signatures and dynamics” seen during cancer development. They also demonstrate the necessity of designing relevant multiplex immunoassays for the profiling and the quantification of cytokines in biomarker and anti-cancer drug discovery programs.
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From RNA-derived iPS Cells to Retinal Cells

Recent studies show that RNA Reprogramming using Stemgent's RNA Reprogramming technology yields high-quality iPS cells that can be used to develop physiologically relevant models for eye disease. These studies are the most comprehensive analysis to date of the derivation of functional retinal cells using iPS cells, and demonstrate the utility of human iPS cells from retinal disease modeling in general. [ Read more... ]


Signal-Seeker assay kits enable the relevant and simple characterization of the key protein post-modifications (PTMs).

In this post, Ali invites you to look at experimental results obtained with these unique assays developed by Cytoskeleton Inc. for protein Tyrosine Phosphorylation and Ubiquitination. 

Until June 15th, benefit from 25% discount off these products.

Now let’s take a look at Signal-Seeker kits in action!


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