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June 2014  

News Highlight

How to maintain physiological conditions in media formulations

The new HEPES based Opti-Klear™ Live Cell Imaging Buffer is an ideal substitute for growth media for all extended live cell imaging sessions.

  • Maintains proper pH and osmolarity for hours
  • Lowers background fluorescence
  • Provides energy source and preserves fluorescent signals
Lower the background fluorescence in your live cell imaging

CRISPR-Cas9 DNA editing

The CRISPR system's popularity is rapidly increasing, thanks to
its suitability for many applications. See how recent experimental improvements improve CRISPR-Cas9 specificity while reducing
off-target effects.

Product Focus

New buffer for Neuronal Cell & Soft Tissue extraction

The newly released Phospho-Sure™ is specially formulated to help maintain phosphoproteins and protect them from degradation, as no harsh detergents or oxidizers are used.

Recombinant Proteins: Custom or Catalogue

Looking for alternative options, rather than allocating your precious
time & money towards producing and purifying your proteins?
Our well-established protein platforms based on E. coli and HEK293 are the ideal solution. While you move forward and concentrate on your research, our expert lab specialists prepare your purified proteins...

Order from catalogue online:
Active Recombinant Proteins


Special Summer Discount!

A broad selection of high quality antibodies by EnoGene will be on special offer during the summer months...

House Flow: Speed Unparalleled

Are you a Game of Clones fan?
Buy one of Rockland Inc's high quality antibodies for Flow Cytometry, and...

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Current News

Proteome, secretome, kinome...
What's it all about?

GeneTex News:
JAK-STAT pathway Cytokine Signaling

The Secretome and Kinome are growing fields of interest, especially with regards to identifying new biomarkers with a diagnostic or prognostic value.

Sign up for this webinar, during which Nathalie Bervas will present different approaches to biomarker profiling and quantification in the secretome, including some practical examples of use in academic and clinical environments.

This pathway plays a critical role in many biological processes, especially in hematopoietic development and immune responses. Dysregulation of JAK-STAT signaling leads to several immune disorders, such as hyperlgE syndrome, erythremia, and leukemia.

tebu-bio and GeneTex, the antibody experts, offer many interesting antibodies for exploring this pathway...
try them and give your research a real boost!

Secretome Biomarkers: profiling & quantification Read more and download the JAK-STAT flowchart

Technical Corner

A fluorescent thermometer for living cells

Diffusive Thermoprobe is a fluorescent polymeric thermometer enabling the monitoring of intracellular temperature near cellular organelles (mitochondria, Golgi body...) for living cells. With this Thermoprobe, the intracellular temperatures of your cellular models will hold no more secrets for you!


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