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tebu-bio will be attending the meetings indicated below with , we look forward to seeing you there!

As an expression of our commitment towards developing European life sciences, tebu-bio offers Researchers Travel Grants to help European life scientists meet their expenses towards attending a life sciences meeting anywhere in the world.

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List of meetings

14/05 - 17/05 SBCN 2018 - 14th Intl Symposium on Biochromatography and Nanoseparations
Bordeaux France
we will be there!
21/05 - 23/05 ACTC - Advances in Cell and Tissue Culture
Cardiff United Kingdom
we will be there!
31/05 - 01/06 Journée de Retraite INEM - Institut Necker Enfants Malades
Paris France
we will be there!
05/06 - 07/06 3D Cell Culture 2018
Freiburg Germany
we will be there!
21/06 - 21/06 JET IRCM - Journée des Etudiants en Thèse -
Montpellier France
27/06 - 29/06 XLIV Annual meeting of the Sociedade Portuguesa de Imunologia (SPI)
Lisbon Portugal
we will be there!
02/07 - 03/07 AFSSI Connexions 2018 - Rencontres annuelles de la recherche préclinique
Marseille France
we will be there!
13/07 - 13/07 MitoPorto - Mitochondrial evolution, metabolism and disease - International Symposium
Porto Portugal
we will be there!
23/08 - 24/08 2nd Nordic PhD Summit
Helskinki Finland
17/09 - 19/09 40th International meeting of the DGZ - German Society for Cell Biology
Leipzig Germany
we will be there!
18/09 - 21/09 XV FISV Congress - Italian Federation of Life Sciences
Rome Italy
we will be there!
26/09 - 28/09 Building the Cell - 3rd International Meeting
Paris France
we will be there!