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2021 SCIMED PHD Conference

tebu-bio will be at 2021 SCIMED PHD Conference
22-09-2021 to 23-09-2021
Champéry (Switzerland)
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The PhD conference aims to bring together PhD students from different fields offering a chance to present their research in front of a miscellaneous audience and promoting communication and open discussions among participants. All students in the program take part in a common curriculum creating a team spirit and facilitating exchange of ideas and experiences.

The conference is organized by students (Team) from the PhD School of Life Sciences at the Faculties of Medicine and Science. The program offers an outstanding research environment for studies in the biomedical and life science fields. The PhD conference shall promote communication and exchange between the faculties and their various departments. 

tebu-bio is pleased to partner with Spirochrome, a Gold Sponsor of this meeting.
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