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1st LAB Fair - University of Copenhagen

tebu-bio will be at 1st LAB Fair - University of Copenhagen
12-06-2019 to 12-06-2019
Copenhagen (Denmark)
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Anne Mette Larsen will be pleased to welcome researchers at the University of Copenhagen during the 1st Lab Fair at our booth to show you our recent innovations, and to discuss our solutions for your projects & studies as included in the recent Tender on Advanced Chemicals.

Meet us in Festsalen at Nørregade 10 (via main building at Frue Plads 4), 1017 Copenhagen K. 

We'll be pleased to discuss our offer including Enzymes and Inhibitors and Cell Culture related products:

  • Cytokines, growth factors, chemokines and other secreted factors
  • Stem cell factors and stem beads
  • Matrix proteins, hydro gels and scaffolds
  • Cryo-conservation media
  • Cell based assay e.g. to measure components of the extracellular matrix (ECM)
  • Cell migration assays
  • Specially designed cell culture plates to optimize growth conditions
  • Cytoskeleton related products (Actin, Tubulin, small G proteins)
  • Inhibitors and activators
  • Active enzymes and binding proteins

Be sure to drop by to chat with Anne Mette and see how we can boost your research!


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