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Stem Cells in Personalized Medicine - DASCS

tebu-bio will be at Stem Cells in Personalized Medicine - DASCS
02-05-2019 to 03-05-2019
Vejle (Denmark)
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Founded in 2012, the Danish Stem Cell Society (DASCS) provides a broad and interdisciplinary focal point for researchers and professionals within the stem cell and regenerative medicine field in Denmark. For many years stem cell researchers within University and industry institutions have sought an independent forum to exchange knowledge and to establish collaborations across the country.

DASCS hosts an annual Stem Cell Symposium listing several national and internationally renowned stem cell researchers who will talk about the latest progress within their respective fields.

Meet Anne Mette Larsen and Ali el Bayâ from tebu-bio at our booth, to discover our solutions for your stem cell research and many others.


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