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HDAC Class 2A Substrate 2

 Assay Protocol


Assay buffer (BPS catalog number 50031); Assay developer (BPS catalog
number 50030); HDAC Class 2A Substrate 2 (catalog number 50042)

Step 1:

Adding all reaction mixture to a low binding NUNC black plate (VWR
catalog number 62408-936)
X ul of HDAC assay buffer (BPS catalog number 50031)
5 ul of 1 mg/ml BSA
5 ul of 200 uM HDAC 2A substrate 2 (BPS catalog number 50042)
1ng of HDAC7
μl total
Incubate at 37 ºC for 30 min.

Step 2:

Stop the reaction
Add 50 ul of HDAC assay developer (2x) (BPS catalog number 50030) and incubate the plate at room temperature for 20 min.

Step 3:

Read samples in a microtiter-plate reading fluorimeter capable of excitation at 485 nm and emission at 528 nm.



Edition 13.01.2010 – please refer to documentation provided with the substrate to implement the assay