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Biomarker discovery: Protein Multiplex quantification

tebu-bio's own European labs are official RayBiotech, Inc. and Quansys Biosciences 
Certified Services Provider for Europe

Why choose multiplex protein quantification?

Proteins such as cytokines, chemokines or adhesion molecules have several levels of regulation from gene expression to cell secretion.
Their expression is classically measured in ELISA, but the trend is now to quantify multiple proteins for each assay.

New technologies enable mulplex analysis of biomaker for measuring multiple proteins in one experiment and for confirming profiling data with accurate quantification methods.

tebu-bio's Protein Multiplex Quantification platforms

Quantibody®: multiplex quantification on antibody array glass-slide

Quantibody® is an array-based multiplex ELISA for simultaneous quantitative measurement of multiple biomarkers combining the specificity and sensitivity of ELISAs with the throughput of the glass chip-based arrays.

RayBiotech Certified Service Provider and Research Center of Excellence

  • Up to 40 Human biomarkers quantified per slide
  • Only 50-100 µl sample needed 
  • For serum, plasma, CSF, cell lysate & conditioned media
  • Quadruplicate testing
  • Pathway-specific array design or customization upon request
Q-Plex: multiplex quantification in ELISA plate

Quansys Q-Plex™ multiplex ELISA assays are fully quantitative ELISA-based tests where up to 25 distinct capture antibodies have been absorbed to each well of a 96-well plate in a defined array. 

  • Up to 25 Human biomarkers quantified at a time
  • Less than 30 µl of sample only
  • Up to 84 different samples / assay
  • Compatible with serum, plasma, urine, and cell and tissue lysate

Outsource your protein quantification to tebu-bio

Save time and efforts, outsource your biomarker discovery program to tebu-bio laboratories. It is as simple as ABC!

A. Select your technology: Quantibody or Q-plex
B. Send us your samples
C. Get your data !