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Protein profiling for signal transduction and phosphorylation studies

Full Moon Biosystems Antibody Array for efficient phosphorylation & signal transduction studies

Convenient & Robust Antibody arrays

Compatible with protein extracts from cells, tissues, or serum samples, these new Full Moon Biosystems Antibody arrays allow Life Scientists to conveniently profile the expression levels of proteins involved in cell signaling and targeted signal transduction studies including phosphorylated sites.

Choose between several convenient formats

The comprehensive Phospho Explorer Array and Explorer Array are aimed at analyzing hundreds of proteins in a single experiment, while the Pathway Antibody Arrays and Phosphorylation Antibody Arrays have been designed to study highly relevant proteins in their specific research fields. 


How do our Antibody-Array work?The antibodies are covalently immobilized (six replicates) on a high quality glass surface coated with a unique 3-D polymer ensuring high binding efficiency and specificity. Each array includes well-characterized and relevant antibodies, and positive & negative controls.
The arrays utilize fluorescent detection and can be scanned on most common microarray scanners.

Why use these pathway-relevant Full Moon Biosystems Antibody Arrays?

Glass Antibody-Arrays

  • Protein expression profiling (Qualitative)
  • Measuring changes in phosphorylation status at specific sites (Phospho Antibody Arrays)
  • Comparing profiles of normal, diseased or treated samples
  • Identifying candidate biomarkers

Which pathway to investigate?

Explorer formats :
Explorer Antibody Array (654 factors analysed) & Phospho Explorer Antibody Array Phosphorylation Arrays (1318 well-characterized phospho-specific antibodies).
Typical results obtained with our pathway Antibody-Arrays
Discover also the newly released Signaling Explorer Antibody Array, a micro-array consisting of 1358 well-characterized antibodies covering multiple biological signaling pathways.
A great tool for biomarker screening and discovery!
Phosphorylation Antibody-Arrays:
AKT Pathway, AMPK Signaling,Cancer/Apoptosis, Cancer Signaling, Cell Cycle, Chromatin/Transcription, Cytoskeleton, EGF Pathway, ERK Signaling, FGF Pathway, GPCR Signaling to MAPK/ERK, IGF-1R Signaling, JAK/STAT, mTOR Signaling, NF-kB II Signaling, Nuclear Receptors, p53 Signaling, T-Cell Receptor Signaling, TGF-beta Signaling, VEGF Pathway, Wnt Signaling...
Pathway Antibody-Arrays:
Angiogenesis, Apoptosis, Cancer, BioMarker, Cancer Markers, Cell Cycle, Cytokines Hormones, Kinase, Signal Transduction, Stem Cell...

A powerful search engine to select your Antibody Arrays!

Full Moon Biosystems's Phospho- and Explorer-Antibody Array at tebu-bio
Use our dedicated Full Moon Biosystems' Antibody array search engine to find the ones suited to your needs
Increase the quality of your data with the Antibody Array Assay Kit, composed of optimized reagents and buffers for protein extraction, labeling, coupling and detection steps.

Benefit from this powerful technology as a lab service
Send us your samples and we'll run the experiment for you. You can even perform the assays and send us your slides. We'll perform for you scanning and data collection.

Need to know more about these unique Explorer- and Phospho-Antibody Arrays?

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