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Ready-to-use knockdown cell lines

Let tebu-bio silence your gene of interest

tebu-bio generates cell lines in which your specific gene is silenced. You will receive:

  • "Target specific" SilenciX cells, validated by qPCR
  • Control SilenciX cells (transfected with a non-relevant shRNA sequence)
  • A complete user manual and specification sheets for each cell line

Just send us your cell lines (adherent or in suspension)

  • Human cell lines
  • Primate cell lines
  • Rodent cell lines (Mouse, CHO...compatible with EBV machinery)

Powerful SilenciX® technology

SilenciX cell lines are developped in partnership with the French Atomic Energy Commission. Using SilenciX cell lines allows you to focus on experimental questions based on RNA interference approach, without the need to first construct a cellular model. SilenciX is convenient and affordable for long term studies.

  • High specificity: High knockdown with no target effects
  • Robust cell model with no off-target effects
  • More than 70% extinction at RNA level
  • Stable: extinction seen over more than 500 days for highly reproducible results
  • Proven: tried, accepted and used as an in vitro model in many research labs (see the latest International publications using the SilenciX technology)

Your benefits

  • Focus on experimental questions based on target knockdown, without the need to first construct a cellular model
  • Save time on cell preparation, transfection and selection
  • No need to buy expensive transfection reagents
  • No need to validate the silencing effect of your repeated siRNA experiments
  • Guaranteed knock-down

What makes the difference?

  • Experienced staff with a long track record in engineering cell lines for R&D and industrial applications
  • Tailored solutions to deal with down-regulation of the targeted gene (knockdown cell)
  • Transparent management of your projects: go/no go steps, regular reporting, full ownership of material and methods developed
  • Strict confidentiality rules
  • Quality Controls & Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
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