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Oligonucleotides custom synthesis

Specialized in challenging constructs

We offer custom oligo synthesis including modified RNA, UsiRNA, Beacons and CleanAmp primer pairs.

Our product specialist will be pleased to be of assistance and settle a dedicated quotation.
Please contact us and let us know your sequences, modifications and your downstream application.

Modified DNA/RNA - Oligos expert

  • Find key modifications
  • Get high quality custom oligos

We specialize in highly modified oligonucleotides, including RNA and derivatives such as 2' O-Methyl RNA, 2' Fluoro RNA, as well as thioated versions and conjugation to molecules such as PEG and cholesterol. We offer high quality RNA oligonucleotides for research, diagnostics, OEM and therapeutics.






UsiRNA - a revolution in siRNA technology

  • Eliminate off-target events
  • Enhance silencing

Unlocked nucleic acid (UNA) oligonucleotides are flexible RNA mimics that enable modulation of affinity and specificity. UsiRNA (UNA modified siRNA) has been shown to reduce off-target events by greater than 10-fold over standard siRNA and in many cases enhanced overall efficacy of the siRNA through reduced toxicity.

Beacons - following RNA in vivo

  • Get it from expert
  • Be sure of the quality

The fluorescent dye is quenched except with hybridization of the probe to the target. Beacons fluorescence reveal the targeted sequences (in vivo or in vitro).
It can be used also for multiplex PCR.





Primer pairs - Clean amplification

  • Eliminate primer dimers
  • Enhance PCR sensitivity
  • Convert standard assays into hot start assays

Base on CleanAmp technology, primers are inactivated by thermolabile groups. They are progressively activated during the first cycles of the PCR when the template is still very low.
Thus, it reinforces specific amplification and eliminate primer dimers. The PCR yield and the sensitivity is consequently improved. Primers are 400€ per pair, 15-40 bases, with a guaranteed minimum yield of 10 ODs. Each primer undergoes quality control analysis by PAGE, MS and RP-HPLC to ensure high quality.

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