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Expertise in Cosmetology Services

Bioassay testing and functional assays

  • Anti-aging - oxidation markers, extracellular matrix protein production, hyaluronan (HA) and collagen production, proteomic profiling of MMPs, sGAG production, DNA repair, proteasome activity...
  • Anti-inflammatory effects - proteomic profiling  and quantitative measurements of inflammation markers  
  • Anti-oxidant activity measurement - ORAC, ABTS, genomic profiling of oxidative stress markers
  • Skin repair - an original approach to quantify cell migration in 96-well plates, genomic profiling of "wound healing" markers
  • Anti-cellulite - genomic & proteomic profiling of adipokines, lipid metabolism (ex. measurement of cholesterol and triglycerides in differentiated Human normal adipocytes)
  • Anti-wrinkle - genomic profiling of extracellular matrix genes, collagen and HA measurements...

Genomic testing


Genomic profiling of mRNA and 3D-gene miRNA profiling 

Proteomic testing

Cell Culture Services

Biomarker analysis & compound testing