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in vitro services testings & objectivation support of active ingredients in cosmetology

Case study #1 - Cell culture services and Genomic assays

This case study describes how the Ales Groupe (LIERAC, PHYTO, CARON, Laboratoire DUCASTEL) outsourced a part of their in vitro assays to assess their D-GlyOx complex in anti-ageing strategies for skin care applications.

This poster will show you how tebu-bio can assist you in:

  • Sourcing fully qualified primary cells
  • Growing primary cells and performing in vitro ingredient tests
  • Analysing and reporting data from pathway specific PCR arrays

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Case study #2 - Cell culture services and Biomarker validation

This case study shows how tebu-bio’s project managers compared the protein and miRNA secretory profiles of differentiated adipocytes (6 donors with selected BMI) under hypoxic and normoxic conditions.

This poster will show you how tebu-bio can assist you in:

  • Collecting primary cells according to expected criteria
  • Cultivating in vitro cells under controlled O2 environments
  • Running miRNA and protein profiling for biomarker analysis

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Case study #3 - Biomarker pathways & data enrichment analysis

Enrichment analysis for biomarker pathways - Mennesson et al. Cosmetic 360 2016This case study shows how tebu-bio, in collaboration with Anaxomics, bring pertinent experimental in vitro tests and analysis tools (enrichment analysis) to find a scientific explanation of the mechanisms of action of your active ingredients (claim support).

This poster will show you how tebu-bio can assist you in:

  • Developing biologically relevant cellular in vitro models in hypoxic and normoxic conditions
  • Bringing you profiling tools for biomarker discovery (here secreted adipokines & miRNA)
  • Analyzing experimental data to pinpoint the possible mechanisms of action of active ingredients (heat maps)

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