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Cat nr Product name Size
13SHD001-50010 (Dap22)-ShK 5x10ug
13SHD001-00100 (Dap22)-ShK 100ug
13SHD001-00010 (Dap22)-ShK 10ug
AAH001-00500 AaH-II 500 ug
AAH001-50010 AaH-II 5 x 10 ug
AAH001-00010 AaH-II 10 ug
AAH001-00100 AaH-II 100 ug
13ADW001-00500 ADWX-1 500ug
13ADW001-00100 ADWX-1 100ug
13ADW001-01000 ADWX-1 1mg
13AGI002-01000 Agitoxin-2 1mg
13AGI002-00500 Agitoxin-2 500ug
13AGI002-00100 Agitoxin-2 100ug
08CON015-00500 Alfa CONOTOXIN GI 500ug
08CON015-01000 Alfa CONOTOXIN GI 1mg
08CON011-00500 Alfa CONOTOXIN IMI 500ug
08CON011-01000 Alfa CONOTOXIN IMI 1mg
08CON012-00500 Alfa CONOTOXIN MI 500ug
08CON012-01000 Alfa CONOTOXIN MI 1mg
13CON016-00500 alpha C-conotoxin PrXA 500ug
13CON016-00100 alpha C-conotoxin PrXA 100ug
CON024-00500 alpha-conotoxin BuIA 500ug
CON024-00100 alpha-conotoxin BuIA 100ug
CON024-01000 alpha-conotoxin BuIA 1000ug
CON019-50100 Alpha-conotoxin GID 5x10ug
CON019-00500 Alpha-conotoxin GID 500ug
CON019-01000 Alpha-conotoxin GID 1mg
CON019-00100 Alpha-conotoxin GID 100ug
CON023-01000 alpha-conotoxin PIA 1000ug
CON023-00500 alpha-conotoxin PIA 500ug
CON023-00100 alpha-conotoxin PIA 100ug
AMX001-00500 AmmTx3 500ug
AMX001-00100 AmmTx3 100ug
AMX001-50010 AmmTx3 5x10ug
AMX001-01000 AmmTx3 1000ug
08APA001-01000 APAMIN 1mg
08APA001-00500 APAMIN 500ug
07APE002-00500 APETx2 500ug
07APE002-00100 APETx2 100ug
07APE002-01000 APETx2 1mg
CHA002-50010 ATTO488-charybdotoxin 5 x 10 ug
CHA002-00100 ATTO488-charybdotoxin 100 ug
BDS001-50010 BDS-1 5x10ug
BDS001-00500 BDS-1 500ug
BDS001-00100 BDS-1 100ug
13BEK001-00100 BeKm-1 0.1mg
13BEK001-00500 BeKm-1 500ug
BPX001-05000 beta-Pompilidotoxin 5mg
BPX001-01000 beta-Pompilidotoxin 1mg
BPX001-5000 beta-Pompilidotoxin 5000ug
BPX001-1000 beta-Pompilidotoxin 1000ug
BMP02-01000 BmP02 1000 ug
BMP02-00100 BmP02 100 ug
BMP02-00500 BmP02 500 ug
11CHA001-00050 CHARYBDOTOXIN 50ug
11CHA001-00500 CHARYBDOTOXIN 500ug
11CHA001-00100 CHARYBDOTOXIN 100ug
08CHL001-00500 CHLOROTOXIN 500ug
08CHL001-00100 CHLOROTOXIN 100ug
08CHL001-01000 CHLOROTOXIN 1mg
08CON009-00500 CONANTOKIN G 500ug
08CON009-01000 CONANTOKIN G 1mg
CRO01-00500 Crotamine 500ug
CRO01-01000 Crotamine 1000ug
CRO01-00100 Crotamine 100ug
CRO002-00100 Cy3-Crotamine 100 ug
CRO002-00500 Cy3-Crotamine 500 ug
PTF001-00100 Cy5-ProTx-I 100 ug
PTF001-00500 Cy5-ProTx-I 500 ug
PTF001-00010 Cy5-ProTx-I 10 ug
PTF002-00100 Cy5-ProTx-II 100 ug
PTF002-00500 Cy5-ProTx-II 500 ug
PTF002-00010 Cy5-ProTx-II 10 ug
10GTX002-01000 GaTx2 1mg
10GTX002-00100 GaTx2 100ug
10GTX002-00500 GaTx2 500ug
GRX001-01000 GrTx1 1000 ug
GRX001-00100 GrTx1 100 ug
GRX001-00500 GrTx1 500 ug
12GSF001-01000 GsAF-I 1mg
12GSF001-00500 GsAF-I 500ug
12GSF001-00100 GsAF-I 100ug
12GSF002-01000 GsAF-II 1mg
12GSF002-00100 GsAF-II 100ug
12GSF002-00500 GsAF-II 500ug
08GSM001-00500 GsMTx4 500ug
08GSM001-00050 GsMTx4 50ug
08GSM001-00100 GsMTx4 100ug
11GUA002-00100 GUANGXITOXIN 1E 100ug
11GUA002-00500 GUANGXITOXIN 1E 500ug
11GUA002-00050 GUANGXITOXIN 1E 50ug
13HTX003-00500 Hainantoxin III 500ug
13HTX003-01000 Hainantoxin III 1mg
13HTX003-00100 Hainantoxin III 100ug
12HTX001-00500 HAINANTOXIN IV 500ug
12HTX001-00100 HAINANTOXIN IV 100ug
12HTX001-01000 HAINANTOXIN IV 1mg
HMA001-50010 Hm1a 5 x 10 ug
HMA001-00100 Hm1a 100 ug
08NEU001-00050 HsTx1 50ug
08NEU001-00100 HsTx1 100ug
07HWT001-01000 HUWENTOXIN I 1mg
07HWT001-00100 HUWENTOXIN I 100ug
07HWT001-00500 HUWENTOXIN I 500ug
08HWT002-00500 HUWENTOXIN IV 500ug
08HWT002-01000 HUWENTOXIN IV 1mg
08HWT002-00100 HUWENTOXIN IV 100ug
HWT016-00100 Huwentoxin-XVI 100ug
HWT016-01000 Huwentoxin-XVI 1000ug
HWT016-00500 Huwentoxin-XVI 500ug
12IBX001-00500 IBERIOTOXIN 500ug
12IBX001-00100 IBERIOTOXIN 100ug
12IBX001-01000 IBERIOTOXIN 1mg
12JZH003-00100 JINGZHAOTOXIN III 100ug
12JZH003-00500 JINGZHAOTOXIN III 500ug
08KTX002-01000 KALIOTOXIN 1 1mg
08KTX002-00500 KALIOTOXIN 1 500ug
08KTX002-00100 KALIOTOXIN 1 100ug
10LEI001-00100 LEIUROTOXIN 1 100ug
10LEI001-00500 LEIUROTOXIN 1 500ug
10LEI001-01000 LEIUROTOXIN 1 1mg
LED01-00500 Leiurotoxin-1 Dab7 (Lei-Dab7) 500ug
LED01-00100 Leiurotoxin-1 Dab7 (Lei-Dab7) 100ug
LED01-50010 Leiurotoxin-1 Dab7 (Lei-Dab7) 5x10ug
11CON014-01000 Lys-CONOPRESSIN G 1mg
11CON014-00500 Lys-CONOPRESSIN G 500ug
MAM001-50010 Mambalgin-1 5x10ug
MAM001-00050 Mambalgin-1 50ug
MAM001-00100 Mambalgin-1 100ug
08MAG001-00100 MARGATOXIN 100ug
08MAG001-00500 MARGATOXIN 500ug
08MAG001-01000 MARGATOXIN 1mg
07MAU001-01000 MAUROCALCINE 1mg
07MAU001-00500 MAUROCALCINE 500ug
07MAU001-00100 MAUROCALCINE 100ug
08MAR001-00100 MAUROTOXIN 100ug
08MAR001-00500 MAUROTOXIN 500ug
08MAR001-01000 MAUROTOXIN 1mg
MTX002-50010 MitTx 5 x 10 ug
MTX002-00010 MitTx 10 ug
11CAS001-10000 MORPHICEPTIN 10000ug
MTX007-00100 MT7 - Muscarinic Toxin 7 100ug
MTX007-50010 MT7 - Muscarinic Toxin 7 5x10ug
08CON006-00100 Mu CONOTOXIN PIIIA 100ug
08CON006-00500 Mu CONOTOXIN PIIIA 500ug
CON020-50100 Mu-conotoxin GIIIB 5x10ug
CON020-00500 Mu-conotoxin GIIIB 500ug
CON020-01000 Mu-conotoxin GIIIB 1mg
CON020-00100 Mu-conotoxin GIIIB 100ug
CON021-00500 mu-conotoxin-CnIIIC 0.5mg
CON021-00100 mu-conotoxin-CnIIIC 0.1mg
CON021-01000 mu-conotoxin-CnIIIC 1mg
10OBT001-00100 OBTUSTATIN 100ug
10OBT001-00500 OBTUSTATIN 500ug
10OBT001-01000 OBTUSTATIN 1mg
ODX001-00012 OD1 100ug
ODX001-00013 OD1 500ug
ODX001-00011 OD1 5x10ug
ODX001-00010 OD1 10ug
08CON003-01000 Omega CONOTOXIN GVIA 1mg
08CON003-00100 Omega CONOTOXIN GVIA 100ug
08CON003-00500 Omega CONOTOXIN GVIA 500ug
08CON001-00500 Omega CONOTOXIN MVIIA 500ug
08CON001-00100 Omega CONOTOXIN MVIIA 100ug
08CON002-01000 Omega CONOTOXIN MVIIC 1mg
08CON002-00500 Omega CONOTOXIN MVIIC 500ug
08CON002-00100 Omega CONOTOXIN MVIIC 100ug
08CON013-00500 Omega CONOTOXINs SO-3 500ug
08CON013-00050 Omega CONOTOXINs SO-3 50ug
08CON013-00100 Omega CONOTOXINs SO-3 100ug
11AGA001-01000 Omega-AGATOXIN IVA 1mg
11AGA001-00500 Omega-AGATOXIN IVA 500ug
11AGA001-00100 Omega-AGATOXIN IVA 100ug
PHX002-50010 Phrixotoxin-2 5x10ug
PHX002-00500 Phrixotoxin-2 500ug
PHX002-01000 Phrixotoxin-2 1mg
PHX002-00100 Phrixotoxin-2 100ug
13PHX003-00100 Phrixotoxin-3 (PaurTx3 or Beta-theraphotoxin-Ps1a) 100ug
13PHX003-00500 Phrixotoxin-3 (PaurTx3 or Beta-theraphotoxin-Ps1a) 500ug
12PTX001-00100 PROTOXIN I (ProTx-I) 100ug
12PTX001-01000 PROTOXIN I (ProTx-I) 1mg
12PTX001-00500 PROTOXIN I (ProTx-I) 500ug
07PTX002-00500 PROTOXIN II (ProTx II) 500ug
07PTX002-00100 PROTOXIN II (ProTx II) 100ug
07PTX002-01000 PROTOXIN II (ProTx II) 1mg
12PTB002-00500 PROTOXIN II Biotin 500ug
12PTB002-00100 PROTOXIN II Biotin 100ug
PTX003-00500 ProTx-III 500ug
PTX003-01000 ProTx-III 1000ug
PTX003-50010 ProTx-III 5x10ug
PTX003-00100 ProTx-III 100ug
13PCT001-00100 Psalmotoxin 1 (PcTx1) 100ug
13PCT001-01000 Psalmotoxin 1 (PcTx1) 1mg
13PCT001-00500 Psalmotoxin 1 (PcTx1) 500ug
011PUR001-00500 PUROTOXIN 1 500ug
011PUR001-01000 PUROTOXIN 1 1mg
011PUR001-00100 PUROTOXIN 1 100ug
ADT001-00010 Rho-Da1b - AdTx1 10ug
ADT001-50010 Rho-Da1b - AdTx1 5x10ug
08SHK001-00100 ShK 100ug
08SHK001-00500 ShK 500ug
08SNX001-00100 SNX482 100ug
SCT01-01000 Stromatoxin-1 1mg
SCT01-00500 Stromatoxin-1 0.5mg
SCT01-50010 Stromatoxin-1 5x0.01mg
SCT01-00100 Stromatoxin-1 0.1mg
10TAM001-01000 TAMAPIN 1mg
10TAM001-00100 TAMAPIN 100ug
10TAM001-00500 TAMAPIN 500ug
CHA003-00100 TAMRA -charybdotoxin 100 ug
CHA003-50010 TAMRA -charybdotoxin 5 x 10 ug
08TER001-01000 TERTIAPIN Q 1mg
08TER001-00100 TERTIAPIN Q 0.1 mg
08TER001-00500 TERTIAPIN Q 500ug
TFX001-00500 Tf2 500 ug
TFX001-00100 Tf2 100 ug
SAT001-01000 TMR-ShK (Fluorescent (red) Kv1.3 blocker) 1mg
SAT001-00100 TMR-ShK (Fluorescent (red) Kv1.3 blocker) 100ug
SAT001-00500 TMR-ShK (Fluorescent (red) Kv1.3 blocker) 500ug
13UGR001-00100 Ugr 9-1 100ug
13UGR001-00500 Ugr 9-1 500ug
13UGR001-01000 Ugr 9-1 1mg
12WAG001-01000 WAGLERIN 1 1mg
WAG002-01000 Waglerin 1-FAM 1mg
WAG002-00100 Waglerin 1-FAM 100ug
WAG002-00500 Waglerin 1-FAM 500ug