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Cat nr Product name Size
31101-1 Anti IFN-ALPHA Human 1e5u
21129-1 Anti IFN-ALPHA Human 50ug
21105-1 Anti IFN-ALPHA Human 50ug
21118-1 Anti IFN-ALPHA Human 50ug
21112-1 Anti IFN-ALPHA Human 50ug
21110-1 Anti IFN-ALPHA Human 50ug
21100-2 Anti IFN-ALPHA Human 500ug
21100-1 Anti IFN-ALPHA Human 50ug
21125-1 Anti IFN-ALPHA Human 50ug
21127-1 Anti IFN-ALPHA Human 50ug
21116-1 Anti IFN-ALPHA Human 50ug
32120-1 Anti IFN-Alpha Mouse 500ug
32100-1 Anti IFN-ALPHA Mouse 2e4u
22100-1 Anti IFN-ALPHA Mouse 250ug
22100-3 Anti IFN-Alpha Mouse FITC 25ug
27105-1 Anti IFN-ALPHA Pig 500ug
27100-1 Anti IFN-ALPHA Pig 500ug
33100-1 Anti IFN-Alpha Rat 500ug
21370-3 Anti IFN-Alpha/Beta R1 IFNAR1 PE 50tests
21385-1 Anti IFN-Alpha/Beta R2 Human 50ug
21370-1 Anti IFN-Alpha/Beta Receptor 1 Human 50ug
21455-1 Anti IFN-BETA Human 50ug
21450-1 Anti IFN-BETA Human 50ug
21465-1 Anti IFN-BETA Human 50ug
21470-1 Anti IFN-BETA Human 50ug
21400-1 Anti IFN-BETA Human 50ug
31410-1 Anti IFN-BETA Human 2e4u
21460-1 Anti IFN-BETA Human 50ug
31401-1 Anti IFN-Beta Human 2e4u
21410-1 Anti IFN-Beta Human 500ug
21405-1 Anti IFN-BETA Human 50ug
31405-1 Anti IFN-Beta Human 2e4u
31420-1 Anti IFN-Beta Human 100ug
22400-1 Anti IFN-Beta Mouse 250ug
32400-1 Anti IFN-BETA Mouse 2e4u
32401-1 Anti IFN-Beta Mouse 2e4u
33400-1 Anti IFN-BETA Rat 500ug
21500-1 Anti IFN-GAMMA Human 500ug
31500-1 Anti IFN-GAMMA Human 2e4u
21550-1 Anti IFN-GAMMA Human 100ug
32500-1 Anti IFN-GAMMA Mouse 2e4u
22500-1 Anti IFN-GAMMA Mouse 500ug
21585-1 Anti IFN-Gamma R Chain 2 250ug