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Cat nr Product name Size
DU4801-50ug Di-Ubiquitin K48-1 50 ug
DU4802-50ug Di-Ubiquitin K48-2 50 ug
DU4803-50ug Di-Ubiquitin K48-3 50 ug
DU4804-50ug Di-Ubiquitin K48-4 50 ug
DU4806-50ug Di-Ubiquitin K48-6 50 ug
DU6301-50ug Di-Ubiquitin K63-1 50 ug
DU6302-50ug Di-Ubiquitin K63-2 50 ug
DU6303-50ug Di-Ubiquitin K63-3 50 ug
DU6304-50ug Di-Ubiquitin K63-4 50 ug
DU6305-50ug Di-Ubiquitin K63-5 50 ug
DU6306-50ug Di-Ubiquitin K63-6 50 ug
DU0601-50ug K6-linked Diubiquitin (IQF-K6 DiUb) Substrate 50ug
DU0102-KIT K63PANEL/K63 Panel KIT
DU0121-25ug 25 ug