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Cat nr Product name Size
DFMP-F Dermal fibroblasts and SQ preadipocytes 3e6cells
OP-F-3 Preadipocyte Human Omental 1e6cells
OP-F-SL Preadipocyte Human Omental 1e6cells
OP-F-2 Preadipocyte Human Omental 1e6cells
OP-F-1 Preadipocyte Human Omental 1e6cells
SP-L1-F Preadipocytes 3T3-L1 5e5cells
BR-F Preadipocytes breast cells Human 1e6cells
SP-F-2 Preadipocytes Human (BMI 25 to 29.99) 2e6cells
SP-F-1 Preadipocytes Human (BMI inf 24,99) 2e6cells
SP-F-3 Preadipocytes Human (BMI sup 30.0) 2e6cells
SP-F-SL Preadipocytes Human (pooled with average BMI) 2e6cells
OPD-F Preadipocytes omental human, from a diabetic donor 1e6cells
SQE-F Preadipocytes subcutaneous facial human 1e6cells
SPD-F-3 Preadipocytes subcutaneous human, from diabetic donor 1e6cells
SPD-F-1 Preadipocytes subcutaneous human, from diabetic donor 1e6cells