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Immunocolumns FAQs

1.  How do your immunocolumns work?

Our columns isolate cells through a negative selection process, using antibodies to bind unwanted cells. All but the desired cells will be bound in the column. Our columns are non-magnetic.

2.  What is the expected cell yield and purity when used properly?

This varies for each column type, however the yield for the regular columns is normally 25 - 30% (from the initial cell population run over the column) and for the high capacity columns 15 - 20% (from initial cell population). The purity for most columns is expected to be greater than 85%. Please see individual data sheets for expected numbers.

3.  Do I have to use your Lympholyte® cell separation media when isolating my cells before loading them onto the column?

We do recommend the use of Lympholyte®, however any method that will isolate the lymphocytes and remove red and dead cells will suffice.

4.   Can I load more cells than what is specified?

It is not recommended. If you load more cells the purity will decrease.

5.   For the Human immunocolumns, can I run the column flow rate faster or slower than 6-8 drops/minute?

It is not recommended as the recovery and yield will be compromised. If run at a faster rate, the purity will decrease and if run at a slower rate, the recovery will decrease.

6.   Will the columns remove macrophages and monocytes in addition to certain lymphocytes?

Yes. There is specific antibody in the cell cocktail to remove macrophages/monocytes. Very few of these cells will be found in the eluent (1-3%).

7.   Can I reuse your immunocolumns?

No. Once the cells are bound you cannot remove them from the column bed.

8.   What is the shelf life of these kits when stored at 4°C?

The shelf life will be at least 6 months from date of shipment.

9.   Can I freeze your immunocolumns to extend the shelf life?

No. These kits cannot be frozen.

10.   What is the difference between your "newly improved" columns and the original columns?

The new column kits contain everything that you need to run the columns. We have added our Lympholyte® cell separation media, PBS buffer and a red cell lysing buffer (use is optional). Also for the mouse and rat lines, the thumb wheels have been replaced with stopcocks to allow better control of the column flow rate. Essentially, no flow rate adjustments are needed for these columns.