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Lympholyte FAQs

1.  Is there an expiry date for your Lympholyte® products?

We do not put an expiry date on most of our Lympholyte® products as they are stable for years when stored as recommended (ie. unopened and protected from light). We have performed stability testing on Lympholyte® that is 5 years old, and found it to work very well.

2.  I have Lympholyte® that is more than 5 years old. Is it OK to use?

If it has not been opened and has been stored properly (ie. in the dark) it should work, however it is best to use a recently produced batch.

3.  You have several different Lympholyte® formulations. How do I know which one to use?

Which Lympholyte® you would use will depend on the species from which the lymphocytes are being isolated from, and whether they are being isolated from lymphoid organs or blood. We offer Lympholyte® specific for mouse, rat, rabbit and human lymphocytes (Lympholyte®-M, -R, Rabbit and –H respectively). If you need to isolate lymphocytes from mammalian blood, we would recommend using Lympholyte®-Mammal or Lympholyte®-H. We also offer Lympholyte®-Poly for the isolation for human polymorphonuclear cells. For the isolation of cells whose density falls outside the range of the ‘premade’ Lympholyte media, we offerLympholyte®-1.1, a density gradient medium whose density can be set where needed.

4.  Can I use Lympholyte®-M with peripheral blood samples, in addition to cells isolated from mouse tissue?

We recommend using Lympholyte®-Mammal with mouse blood, however you can use Lympholyte®-M as well. You will not recover as many cells as you would using Lympholyte®-Mammal, and there will be more RBC contamination in the interface.

5.  Why do I have to use a serum-free media when using Lympholyte® for cell isolation?

Serum may cause the cells the clump together which causes them to pellet, leading to lower lymphocyte recovery.

6.  Can I isolate granulocytes using Lympholyte®?

Lympholyte®-Poly is designed for isolating human granulocytes. Unfortunately none of the other Lympholyte® products will do this, and the granulocytes end up in the pellet at the bottom of the tube. By using a RBC lysing buffer (ie. NH4Cl) and some washing steps, you can purify your granulocytes from the pellet. For more information, please contact our technical services department.