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Sircol FAQs

Sircol Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the sensitivity of the Sircol assay?

A. 1.0µg collagen.  Quantities as low as 1.0µg of collagen can be recovered from a 1 ml volume if the Collagen Isolation & Concentration protocol is used (See Sircol assay manual for more detail).


Q. How long does the Sircol assay take to run?

A. 1.5 hours


Q. What forms of collagen does the Sircol assay measure?

A. Acid-soluble and pepsin-soluble collagens.


Q. What types of collagen can the Sircol assay be used with?

A. Mammalian collagens, Types I to V.


Q. What absorbance values can samples be measured at?

A. Absorbance spectrum maximum for Sircol dye in alkali reagent is 555 nm however absorbance settings within the range 520-570 nm will give suitable readings.


Q. How do I prepare samples for measurement with the Sircol assay?

A. Preparation details for cell culture and tissue samples can be found in the assay manual.


The Sircol assay manual is the primary source of further information. It may also be helpful if the user familiarises themselves with some of the research papers in which the Sircol assay has been cited (see related documents in Sircol Technology Info).