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PeproTech Antibodies FAQs

Quality controls:

1. Detection, by direct ELISA, of the corresponding PeproTech recombinant protein (the immunizing antigen) used in conjunction with compatible secondary reagents.
2. In most cases, Neutralization of biological activity as indicated on the data sheet.
3. Detection by Western blot, of the corresponding PeproTech recombinant protein (the immunizing antigen) used in conjunction with compatible secondary reagents.
4. Protein content by UV spectroscopy.
5. Sterility: by membrane filtration method; antibody solutions are sterile-filtered prior to vialing.
The relevant information relating to each antibody product appears on the data sheet that is shipped with the product. Please read this information carefully to obtain useful instructions for reconstitution and storage.


1. What should I know about the stability of your antibody products?
PeproTech's antibodies are lyophilized from PBS. As such they are stable at room temperature for at least 1 month. For longer periods we recommend storing the lyophilized products at -20oC.

For reconstituted solutions of the antibodies, we recommend short-term storage at 4oC. For long-term storage the antibody solution should first be aliquoted (to avoid more than one freeze/thaw cycle) and stored frozen at -20oC. Frozen aliquots of this antibody solution are stable for at least 1 year when kept at -20oC.

2. Do your antibody products contain any carrier proteins or other additives?

3. How do I know if your antibodies will work in my immunohistochemistry and immunocytochemistry applications?
All antibodies that have been tested so far have been found to be suitable for these applications. However, we are still gathering data for more of our antibodies.

4. Will PeproTech antibodies recognize target antigen sold by other vendors?
PeproTech's antibody products have high binding affinity towards the natural and/or recombinant versions of the corresponding antigens. However, due to lack of authenticity sometimes found in other vendors' antigens we cannot guarantee that our antibodies, will perform as well with these antigens.

5. Will your antibodies recognize target antigen in complex biological fluids such as blood or serum?
Yes. However, for samples that have a high content of interfering agents the recognition will be less efficient.

6. Do your antibodies work in a sandwich ELISA format?
PeproTech's antibodies are suitable to be used in a sandwich ELISA format, and PeproTech is producing and releasing our own Elisa Development Kits.