tebu-bio is a European company specialised in providing innovative reagents and laboratory services in Life Sciences

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A quarterly bulletin dedicated to Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism, Excretion and Toxicity in Drug discovery
Cell Biology & Signalling

RegisterCell Biology & Signalling

A snapshot, every 6-8 weeks, of the most recent technologies and products for signal transduction pathway and cell imaging analysis
Drug Discovery

RegisterDrug Discovery

A monthly update of target-specific assays and molecules for assay development and screening programs in Drug discovery
Biomarker Discovery

RegisterBiomarker Discovery

Monthly digest of antibody-, protein- and RNA-based assays & services for biomarker discovery and validation in fundamental & applied research
Being bio-reactive

RegisterBeing bio-reactive

A selection of information & events from our blog every week
Cell Sourcing & Cell Culture Innovation

RegisterCell Sourcing & Cell Culture Innovation

An overview in cell sourcing (primary cells, tissues, cell lines...) and innovative technologies mimicking in vivo conditions (6 times a year)
Stem Cell Biology

RegisterStem Cell Biology

News and experimental solutions for stem cell culture, reprogramming, differentiation as well as tips & webinars (quaterly).
Molecular Biology & Gene Expression

RegisterMolecular Biology & Gene Expression

Quarterly information from lab essentials to technology breakthroughs in Molecular Biology, genome editing and RNA / miRNA profiling