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19/03/19   Big savings on Blood Products
01/03/19   GEF, Small GTPase & Activation Assays
11/02/19   New Cynomolgus IFN-beta ELISA
01/02/19   Fluorescent based DNA & RNA Quantification
18/01/19   Outsource your Plasmid Preparation

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Latest Products

19/03/19   Human Recovered Plasma, POOLED
18/03/19   Goat anti-human Autotaxin antibody
18/03/19   Purified Mouse Anti-LBPA (BMP)
18/03/19   Anti-Lipid Phosphate Phosphatase 3-RGD Rabbit Poly
18/03/19   Autotaxin Activity Assay Service

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28/03/19   Key advances on immunotherapy and cellular therapy against cancer and inflammatory diseases
28/03/19   Genetics Retreat - NVHG Graduate Meeting
29/03/19   AACR Annual Meeting 2019
01/04/19   3rd Metabolism and Cancer symposium
15/04/19   3rd ESM-EVBO Conference
02/05/19   Stem Cells in Personalized Medicine - DASCS
21/05/19   Meet2Win 2019 - Oncology Partnering Convention
23/05/19   5ème édition du Congrès des Jeunes Chercheurs de l’Institut Imagine
20/06/19   Dutch Tumor Immunology Meeting (DTIM)

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