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17/05/21   Get 20% off Signal Seeker kits
12/05/21   10 new fluorescent tools for Live Cell Imaging
07/05/21   Ha-CoV-2 – Introducing cutting-edge technology for Covid Research
03/05/21   Join us for our upcoming webinars
20/04/21   Bead-based purification of DNA or RNA for next-generation sequencing workflows

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17/05/21   Anti-ATS20 ADAMTS20 Antibody
17/05/21   Viral Transport Medium Liquid Amies
17/05/21   Viral Transport Medium Liquid Amies
14/05/21   NanoBret 590 SE
14/05/21   DBCO-PEG8-PFP ester

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27/05/21   4th edition - Metabolism & Cancer - Cancéropôle Grand Sud-Ouest
22/11/21   Translational Immunology

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