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15/03/18   Small GTPase Activation Assays
15/03/18   Get 15% off Mouse IFN Alpha Products
12/03/18   Easier and faster way to quantify cell viability on your 2D or 3D cell culture
07/03/18   Immunoprecipitation, Western Blot and IP Western Blot... with TrueBlot®
06/03/18   Recombinant CYPs Bactosomes: versatile formats for many ADME applications

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22/03/18   Promoter reporter clone for Mouse Tnfrsf11a (NM_009399)
22/03/18   Trimethadione
22/03/18   CENPB Human
22/03/18   Biotin-PEG23-maleimide
22/03/18   Human Neopterin (Neopterin) ELISA Kit

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14/04/18   AACR 2018
16/04/18   Danish Society for Matrix Biology Annual Meeting
21/05/18   ACTC - Advances in Cell and Tissue Culture
31/05/18   Journée de Retraite INEM - Institut Necker Enfants Malades
05/06/18   3D Cell Culture 2018
23/08/18   2nd Nordic PhD Summit
17/09/18   40th International meeting of the DGZ - German Society for Cell Biology
26/09/18   Building the Cell - 3rd International Meeting

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