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12/10/17   Buy a full size anti-RFP antibody and receive a free Epitope sample antibody
05/10/17   Get 15% discount off Cytoskeleton Tubulin proteins and Kits!
29/09/17   Immune Checkpoint Reporter Cell based assays
28/09/17   New CF-1 MEF Mitomycin-C treated feeder cells
20/09/17   CHIR99021 GSK-3 beta inhibitor on special offer

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16/10/17   TAS2R43 control peptide
16/10/17   FGB Human
16/10/17   FGB Human
16/10/17   FGB Human
13/10/17   ethyl 2-(3,4-dihydro-2-oxoquinolin-1(2H)-yl)acetate

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24/10/17   Joint Congress - SEG - SEBC - SEBD
01/11/17   5th International mRNA Health Conference
22/11/17   Annual Meeting of the FSSCR
05/06/18   3D Cell Culture 2018

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