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01/08/22   Focus on Cell Biology Essentials
15/07/22   Tools for your Actin Discovery
12/07/22   Your Immunology Antibodies Toolbox : ready to match your needs!
09/06/22   Easily measure immune response to your vaccine
03/06/22   High Density Spheroids screening service

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04/08/22   96-well white plate NS-LP (25)
04/08/22   96-well plate NS-LP-Nat (25)
04/08/22   96-well white plate NS-HP (25)
04/08/22   96-well plate NS-HP-Nat (25)
04/08/22   96-well plate for LC480 (25)

Next meetings

06/09/22   44th Congress of the SEBBM - Spanish Society for Biochemical and Molecular Biology
21/09/22   Cell la vie 2 !
23/09/22   North of England Cell Biology Forum - University of Manchester
29/09/22   BBC Meeting - Basic Research on Bone and Cartilage
29/09/22   BSCDB Autumn Meeting 2022 - Endoderm and Endoderm derivatives in development and disease
29/09/22   Symposium "20th anniversary of Institut Cochin"
04/10/22   EMBO Workshop on Cilia - Cologne
02/11/22   STS 25th Jubilee Meeting on Signal Transduction

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