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05/07/18   Your Guide to Luciferase-based Detection Kits
05/07/18   BPS Cell lines - Lower prices for Higher accuracy
05/07/18   20% discount off Kupffer Cells
05/07/18   PeproTECH ELISA development Kits
02/07/18   Buy one Rockland primary antibody - get 50% off the secondary of your choice

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18/07/18   ORF expression clone for ADAR (NM_001111.4)
18/07/18   Empty control vector for pReceiver-Lv117
17/07/18   Mouse Monoclonal to HLA-Class I
17/07/18   Goat anti-Mouse IgM: 15nm
17/07/18   Goat anti-Mouse IgM: 15nm

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21/07/18   MBE2018 - Matrix Biology Europe
23/08/18   2nd Nordic PhD Summit
17/09/18   40th International meeting of the DGZ - German Society for Cell Biology
18/09/18   XV FISV Congress - Italian Federation of Life Sciences
26/09/18   Building the Cell - 3rd International Meeting
01/10/18   DutchBiophysics 2018
15/10/18   ESTIV2018 - 20th International Congress on In Vitro Toxicology
06/11/18   EpiCypher2018: Biological and Clinical Frontiers in Epigenetics

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