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Genomics by Tebubio

Your smart toolbox for studying DNA is at Tebubio!

Tebubio's Genomics Solutions

Our offer is based on robust technologies and innovations to ensure reliable analysis, to give your research a boost!
We provide enzymes, reagents and kits from specialised manufacturers, so you can be sure to succeed in your quantitative and qualitative DNA analysis, regardless of the challenges you may meet in applications such as PCR, FISH, sequencing, cloning and reporter assays.

Why buy your Genomics tools from Tebubio?

Because our miRNA solution covers all aspects of miRNA studies with convenient and reliable reagents:

  • PCR - Fail no more! Find next-generation hot start PCR, to success even with high level multiplexing (>50-plex) and GC-rich amplifications 
  • FISH probes - +1000 ready-to-use probes, custom productions, single, dual and multicoloured probes
  • Promotor reporters - Cis-regulation monitoring without cell lysis! DNA regulation sequences won't have secret for you  
  • DNA extractions Ideal solution whatever you need! Quick procedure, high throughput purifications, reproducible high yields. Find tool for your samples, blood, soils, seeds, finger print, buccal samples and much more... 
  • DNA controls Your standards for qPCR, and quality controls
  • Biology Molecular grade enzymes High quality enzymes, unique enzymes for experts and newcomers.

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