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High quality Proteins & Peptides by Tebubio

Recombinant and purified proteins by tebu-bioIf you're looking for high quality recombinant proteins or purified proteins compatible with all your applications (screening studies, enzymatic or functional tests, binding activity assays or cell culture, crystallography...), you can trust Tebubio!

We offer a unique range of 41,000+ recombinant or purified proteins including 1,800+ fully guaranteed active proteins for Assay Development & Drug Discovery purposes.


Find your protein with our user-friendly search engine

The choice is vast, but selecting yours is as easy as ABC!! 

A - Just type in the name of your target in our user-friendly dedicated protein search engine

B - Fine-tune your initial search with the accurate filters, by target species, protein class, activity...

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Choose from the broadest & most attractive offer of proteins...

A large variety of protein characteristics, suited to your experiment requirements

Cytoskeleton protein by tebu-bio

  • Purified or recombinant proteins
  • Guaranteed active proteins for functional testing
  • Partial or full-length sequence for immunological or quantification assays
  • From a variety of expression systems and species
  • Access to post-translational modifications
  • With or without specific Tag / conjugate for easier recovery or visualization...
Also available: 10 000+ peptides
Beta amyloid peptides, synthetic toxins, FRET-conjugated peptide substrates...

Looking for a protein not yet available
Tebubio can produce it for you!

With a fully integrated and customisable service platform for R&D-Scale protein expression and purification from E. coli and Human HEK293 Cells, Tebubio, as a service provider, can handle a part of or the entire protein production project (from the generation of the expression vector to the delivery of milligram quantity of high quality purified recombinant protein).
Your projects can be fully customised to suit your specifications and protein properties, with predefined milestones for complete control over the project’s progress. This service platform is an ideal tool to speed up protein-based research programs, thus facilitating the decision making process by scientists.

Choose your personalised options!

Customised protein specifications?

  • Large quantities & customised batch sizes, vialing ...
  • Batch validation & reservation
  • Specific buffer dilutions
  • Alternative product references or purities...
  • Outsourcing
  • Logistics (annual open orders, scheduled deliveries...)
  • and much more..

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