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Your most reliable Cells & Media source...

Human & Animal primary cells, media & supplements... 
find all you need at Tebubio!

Tebubiooffers the largest range of high purity, low passage primary Human and Animal cells, covering a wide range of cell types in both cryopreserved and proliferating format.

Together with our high quality, optimised, performance-tested media, each formulated for the culture and robust growth of their specific human and animal cell types, you're sure to find everything you need for your cell culture.

Our expertise and long experience in cell biology enable us to select only the most reliable and safest sources. Our selection criteria take into account not only on the intrinsic characteristics of the products, but also the origin and source of the materials (traceability, ethics, logistics expertise, quality processes...).

Why buy your cells & media from Tebubio?
Because we have the broadest offer available!

Only Tebubio offers you such a large selection of cell types and associated media throughout Europe, for a wide variety of technical applications and thematics: flow based assays, primary and secondary screening, stem cell studies, diabetis & obesity, cosmetology, electrophysiology, cell imaging, bio-banking…

Human & Animal Primary Cells from Tebubio

Our products meet high quality standards with stringent cell-specific quality control and characterization tests. Our offer is flexible however, to meet your specific application's needs:

  • Access to large and regularly updated lot inventories
  • Same cell types from various species
  • Array of cell types from the same donors
  • Lot reservation pending testing & validation

Which cell types are you looking for? Islet cells, sebocytes, neurones, endothelial & epithelial cells, cardiomyocytes, fibroblasts, keratinocytes, melanocytes... 

Media and supplements for your cell culture from tebu-bioMedia & supplements...

  • Freshly prepared for longest shelf life
  • Tested for the ability to support/promote plating, spreading and proliferation of the
    cell type in culture
  • Sterility tested
  • Special formulations: without serum, Phenol Red-free…

Our special services... to make life easier

  • Custom production services & Cell line engineering to facilitate your research
  • Technical advice before ordering and follow-up support
  • Staggered deliveries to fit to your schedule
  • Multi-site, multi-country deliveries for shared projects or company-wide orders

Expert advice from our Cell Specialists...
with local and personal assistance

Any questions?
Just ask our specialists, who have hands-on experience in cell culture and are thus able to fully understand your needs. They will be happy to discuss & study your project requirements, and suggest the best solutions.