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Because sometimes 'consumables' are just that... simple objects that make your life easier!
Whether it be beads for microscope calibration, buffers for cell biology, mounting medium for histology, DNA ladders or Prothermal, we have selected the best tools for your research.
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Our range of Lab Consumables complements our Life Sciences reagents offer, to help you optimise your experiments in the best way:

  • Antibodies: improved TMB for your ELISA, fluorescent microspheres for flow cytometry, nitrocellulose membranes for Western Blot, slides for your samples...
  • Molecular Biology: DNA and RNA ladders, fluorescent beads and standards for microscopy ...
  • Cells & Cell lines: buffers, tweezers for dissection, Prothermal for waterbaths...

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You'll find a great deal of information on our website about our products:
data-sheets, protocols, videos... it's all here to make life simpler for you.

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