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Lipidomics by Tebubio

Your specialized, local source for Lipid research tools


Signaling pathway research implies the understanding of cellular lipid networks. Whatever level you're focusing on, from host-parasite interaction to lipid-protein interaction, we supply a wide range of accurate tools.

Our offer brings you the means for numerous approaches, such as live cellular lipid tracking, protein-lipid pull down, floatation assays with liposomes and many more...

Why buy your Lipid research tools from Tebubio?

Experts will find all the lipids they need, or can easily ask for customized products. Newcomers to lipids research will appreciate the ease and convenience of our kits and reagents.

  • Lipid assays - Monitor enzymatic activities or settle functional screening.
  • Lipid coated beads and PIP liposomes - Purify lipid ligands by pull down and floatation assays, investigate ligand interaction, even perform surface plasmon resonance (SPR).
  • Lipid Interaction Tools - Make fast and simple screening of lipid-protein interaction with multiple lipids spotted membranes (Strips). Screen multiple proteins against a single lipid with our cova plate. Go deeper in investigation with lipid gradients on membranes (Arrays).
  • Biotinylated Lipids - Track lipids in vivo.
  • Fluorescent Lipids - Get outstanding in vivo and live imaging images with high quality reagents (BODIPY, TAMRA-PIP probes...) Find sensitive substrates for protein studies or enzymatic screening (Kinases, Phosphatases..) 
  • Lipids - Find the lipids you need among a vast collection of isoprenoids, inositols, sphingolipids, glycerol, HEME metabolites, PE, PC, glycerol…

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