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Our Molecules at a glance...

Your local, specialised source for Molecules... Tebubio!

Our Molecules product range brings European researchers innovative and reliable biomolecules for every step of their project. We ensure you easy access to all kinds of molecules, from the most simple to your own custom design.
Need a reference set of molecules? An enzyme inhibitor, a fluorescent dye for live imaging, an antibiotic for your cell culture, an enzymatic substrate...? 
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You'll find a great deal of information on our website about our products:
data-sheets, protocols, videos... it's all here to make life simpler for you.

Why buy your Molecules for your research from Tebubio?
Because everything you need is right here!

Diverse, yet completely focused

Our biomolecules combine the best from our suppliers for your application:
  • Inhibitors and Activators -  from the reference compounds to the very specific molecules to target GPCR, kinases, ion channels ...
  • Chemicals - a continuously widening range to cover your every-day needs
  • An exhaustive offer of Labeling molecules covering colorimetric dyes for Histology and fluorescent probes for Live imaging
  • High quality natural Antibiotics and Metabolites from bacteria and fungus
  • Affordable Polymers from polyethylene glycol (PEG) for coating to acrylamide for electrophoresis

A broad selection of innovative related products

Expert advice from our Molecular Biology Specialists...

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