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Expression Vectors by Tebubio

Your specialised source for Expression vectors and DNA constructs...

Tebubios Expression Vector offer brings European researchers a broad range of robust molecular biology constructs (ORF cDNA, siRNA, plasmids,  viral vectors, transfection reagents...) from the most specialised manufacturers.
We ensure easy access to the most up-to-date innovative constructs compatible with Functional Genomics (FUGE), Recombinant protein overexpression, protein production, gene-specific efficient and stable silencing, in vitro transcription, target discovery, signal transduction studies, Stem Cell & Cell Reprogramming…

Stem Cell & Cell Reprogramming
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Why buy your Expression vectors, DNA constructs and silencing tools
from Tebubio?

Whatever your application, you can easily boost your research with the innovative and specialised collection of molecular biology tools we select for you - we regularly introduce new sources & technologies guaranteeing highly specific and efficient gene-specific expression, silencing and transfections (including very hard to transfect cells). A few examples...

Our complementary offer, specialized in stable & robust gene knockdown (KD) (SilenciX cell-lines,  primary research antibodies, ELISA kits, functional assays, inhibitors & activators...), will allow you to progress even further in your research programs, and perform your analysis in a few clicks!

Local & personal assistance together with a high level of expertise

You'll find a great deal of information on our website about our reagents, along with data-sheets, protocols, videos, online selection product guides

Expert advice from our Expression Vectors Specialists...

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