tebu-bio is a European company specialised in providing innovative reagents and laboratory services in Life Sciences

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Business Opportunities with tebu-bio

Looking to commercialise your antibodies?

Business opportunities with tebu-bio.Discuss business solutions with our team of Antibody specialists!

Do you have a unique collection of validated polyclonal antibodies, or monoclonals specific for a protein target or linked to a particular signal transduction pathway or post-translational modification...? Are you thinking of raising the value of your unique validated tools?

Since 1953, tebu-bio has been actively present in the European Life Sciences market, commercializing antibodies and related products as part of our large & varied range of products & services.
Our team of Antibody experts have a perfect understanding of the research antibody market (researchers’ needs, key players, opinion leaders…).
You'll benefit from working with an accessible team, at ease in bridging Life Sciences and commercial environments for successfully developing business.

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