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Standardized 3D spheroid systems facilitate drug screening and biomarker identification with high relevance for cancer drug discovery

Julien Duez1, Isabelle Fixe1, Alexandra Foucher1, Zhizhou Kuang2, Jingqiao Lu2, Eric Mennesson1, Nadia Normand1
1 tebu-bio - 39 Rue de Houdan - Le Perray en Yvelines - France
2 RayBiotech Inc. - 3607 Parkway Lane, Suite 200 - Norcross, GA 30092 - USA
Presented at the AACR2019 Annual Meeting  - Atlanta, USA - Abstract n°1245
Isabelle Petit-Topin, Maxime Rochet, Isabelle Fixe, Flavien Carpentier, Alexandra Foucher, Nadia Normand
Presented at the SBCN2018 meeting - Bordeaux, France

Advanced physiologically-relevant 3D models for pre-clinical screening
Dora Sabino, Isabelle Fixe, Alexandra Foucher, Flavien Carpentier, Maxime Rochet, Isabelle Topin, Eric Mennesson, Nadia Normand
Presented at the DECHEMA 3D Cell Culture Meeting 2018 - Freiburg, Germany
Dora Sabino, Isabelle Fixe, Alexandra Foucher, Eric Mennesson, Nadia Normand. 
Presented at the AACR2018 Annual Meeting, Chicago IL, PA - Abstract n°5034
Dora Sabino, Isabelle Fixe, Alexandra Foucher, Nadia Normand
Presented at the ESACT2018 meeting - Leeds, United Kingdom

Anna Tejchman1, Eric Mennesson2, Isabelle Fixe2, Alexandra Foucher2, Simón Perera3, Laura Artigas3, José Manuel Mas3, Catherine Grillon1, Maciej Ugorski4, Nadia Normand2 & Claudine Kieda1
1. Centre for Molecular Biophysics, CNRS (Orléans, France) - 2. tebu-bio (Le Perray en Yvelines, France) - 3. Anaxomics Biotech (Barcelona, Spain) - 4. Institute of Immunology and Experimental Therapy (Wroclaw, Poland)
Presented at the AACR2017 Annual Meeting, Washington DC - Abstract n°1460
Cytokine profiling of drug-disrupted tumor cell/fibroblast crosstalk provides insight to understand the protective role of the stroma
Natalia Guillen Díaz-Maroto1, Samuel Gonçalves1, Ramon Salazar1, Flavien Carpentier 2, Eric Mennesson2, Nadia Normand2, and David Garcia Mollevi1
1/ Translational Research Laboratory, Microenvironment and Chemoresistance group, Catalan Institute of Oncology, IDIBELL, Barcelona, Spain; 2/ tebu-bio (France)

Presented at the AACR2015 106th Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, PA - Abstract n°1545

Melanie Maierthaler1, Eric Mennesson2, Katarina Cuk1, Dharanija Madhavan3, Manuela Zucknick4, Isabelle Fixe2, Alexandra Foucher2, Markus Wallwiener5, Andreas Schneeweiss6, Nadia Normand2, and Barbara Burwinkel3

1/ Molecular Biology of Breast Cancer, Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics, Univ. of Heidelberg, Heidelberg, Germany
2/ tebu-bio, Le Perray en Yvelines, France
3/ Molecular Epidemiology, C080, German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ), Heidelberg, Germany
4/ Division of Biostatistics, German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ), Heidelberg, Germany
5/ Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics, University of Heidelberg, Heidelberg, Germany
6/ National Center for Tumor Diseases, University of Heidelberg, Heidelberg, Germany.

Presented at the AACR2015 106th Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, PA - Abstract n°3973
Éric Mennesson, Isabelle Fixe, Alexandra Foucher, Flavien Carpentier, Nadia Normand

Presented at the 4th Munich Biomarker conference - November 25th-26th, 2014
SilenciX®, novel stable knock-down cellular models to screen new molecular targets through the synthetic lethality approach
Eric Mennesson1, Anne-Marie Renault1, Isabelle Fixe1, Catherine Grillon2, Claudine Kiéda2, Nadia Normand1
1/ tebu-bio (France) 2/ Centre de Biophysique Moléculaire, CNRS UPR 4301 (France)

Presented at the AACR2014, San Diego -  Abstract n° 3733

Characterisation of SilenciX® cell lines as a stable, syngenic and loss-of-function model - May 2013
Christelle Catone, PhD & Anne Marie Renault, PhD (tebu-bio)
Poster presented by Christelle Catone at the 10ème Colloque des 3R (extract) - June 2013

A fully integrated and customisable services platform for R&D-scale Protein Purification from Escherischia coli and Human HEK293 cells - March 2013
Olivier Roumanie PhD, Flavien Carpentier, Frédéric Dubor PhD, Isabelle Fixe, Alexandra Foucher, Eric Mennesson, Aurélien Pitois, Nadia Normand PhD (tebu-bio)

Poster presented by Olivier Roumanie at the 6th Annual Proteins Congress - March 2013


Novel cell culture and transmigration under physiological shear stress - Sept 2012
Toby Paul, Dmitry Kashanin, Francesco Dicorato, Ayokunmi Ajetunmobi (Cellix)
Jean François Têtu PhD (tebu-bio)

Poster presented by Jean-François Têtu at the Congrès Annuel de la SPTC (extract) - June 2013

Press Releases

KromaTiD Appoints tebu-bio as European Distributor
tebu-bio to become Enzium's European distributor for protease assays
tebu-bio to become Spirochrome’s European distributor for cytoskeleton staining products
tebu-bio Adopts Toray's 3D-Gene Platform for miRNA and mRNA Arrays Services
tebu-bio becomes Stemgent-Asterand's Exclusive New European Distributor for Stem Cell Reagents
tebu-bio becomes EpiCypher’s exclusive European Distributor
tebu-bio collaborates with StemCultures to distribute StemBeads FGF2  in Europe
tebu-bio collaborates with Biosensis to distribute their validated research antibodies in Europe
tebu-bio to provide CellResearch Corporation Pte Ltd product range throughout Europe
tebu-bio is now Certified Service Provider for RayBiotech’s portfolio of antibody arrays
New distribution agreement between tebu-bio and Smartox Biotechnology
tebu-bio to provide CH3 Biosystems' product range throughout Europe
tebu-bio distributes new and unique BPS BioScience bromodomains in Europe
tebu-bio supplies Rockland's fluorescent secondary antibodes for super-resolution STED microscopy
tebu-bio to Distribute BioLife Solutions Products in Europe 
tebu-bio & Xenotech highlight importance of attaching Human hepatocytes in enzyme induction studies 
tebu-bio & Cellix Ltd introduce iPod Touch/iPhone controlled Kima™ pump for long-term cell culture 
tebu-bio to provide Sanguine Biosciences product range throughout Europe 
tebu-bio will be present at the ELA Screening Europe 2011 conference 
Le CNRS et tebu-bio contractualisent un accord commercial national 2011-2012 
tebu-bio laboratories C.I.R. (French Research Tax Credit) accreditation renewed 
tebu-bio to distribute Cellix's product range througout Europe
tebu-bio and Advanced Biotechnologies Inc. renew Distributor Agreement for 2011
tebu-bio announces the release of their fourth Mini-website
tebu-bio at the 4th Congress of the Intl Society of Nutrigenetics/Nutrigenomics (ISSN)
tebu-bio to distribute Arbor Assays products in Europe
tebu-bio and XenoTech will be attending HUG MV-HUF 2010
tebu-bio launches ProtOptimiX protein expression optimisation
tebu-bio launches new ExpressiX cell-line engineering service
tebu-bio is pleased to become Life Sensors European Distributor
tebu-bio's new website now online
tebu-bio to distribute Platypus Technologies Oris kits throughout Europe
tebu-bio presents Protein Production Platform at Protein Congress 2008 - Berlin
tebu-bio launches SilenciX in the USA in partnership with SABiosciences
tebu-bio's SilenciX cell lines presented at STS Meeting 2008 - Weimar
tebu-bio receives C.I.R. (French Research Tax Credit) accreditation
tebu-bio and Cypex Ltd introduce seven new Dog Bactosomes
tebu-bio presents SilenciX at RNAi Europe 2008