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Our History


Following the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic at the beginning of 2020, our activities were adapted to the new "normal". Like so many other companies, our employees across Europe were either in lockdown and working from home, or back at their offices depending on the situation. 

tebu-bio's headquarters (France) and local offices across Europe, continued to organise purchasing, deliveries and technical support, in accordance with official restrictions and recommendations per country. Our laboratories maintained all ongoing projects and initiated new services in response to customer demand. 

Throughout, we provided the research community with new tools to fight the pandemic and to accelerate their research on all fronts. tebu-bio's long-standing partnership with TriLink, pioneers in mRNA development, as well as other renowned brands, enabled us to respond quickly and to supply the reagents and services that scientists are continuously seeking.



To start off the year, we validated our ISO9001:2015 and ISO14001:2015 accreditation. We recently attended the annual AACR Meeting in Atlanta, where Julien Duez PhD (Project Manager at tebu-bio's labs) presented another poster entitled "Standardized 3D spheroid systems facilitate drug screening and biomarker identification with high relevance for cancer drug discovery". In this study, we show the effects of CDK8 inhibitors on a panel of biomarkers analysed through multiplex arrays, comparing 2D culture of colorectal cancer cells to 3D cultures in hypoxia and pro-inflammatory conditions. This work illustrates the services we currently offer combining cell culture and biomarker discovery.

We are also pleased to renew our membership with the AFSSI (l'Association Française des Sociétés de Services et d'Innovation - Sciences de la Vie), the French Association of Companies in Services & Innovation in Life Sciences.

As part of our ISO14001 actions in favour of our environment, we have allocated part of our grounds at our headquarters at Le Perray en Yvelines (France), to become a wildflower garden, and local beekeepers have installed hives. We look forward to tasting the honey that will be produced!


This year, we've attended a number of meetings, presenting results of work performed in our labs. Beginning in January, we presented a poster at the ESACT 2018 meeting in the UK on the topic "Development of advanced 3D culture models to evaluate cellular responses". In April, we attended the AACR meeting in Chicago, presenting a poster entitled "Time-lapse analysis of drug response and invasive capacity using patient-derived CRC microfluidic 3D cancer models under oxygen controlled conditions". Another poster was presented at the DECHEMA 3D Cell culture meeting, on the topic "Advanced physiologically-relevant 3D models for pre-clinical screening". These posters show different aspects of our CellPhy offer, for physiologically relevant conditions.

In May, Isabelle Topin presented a poster "More and Better - Innovative tips and tricks for production and purification of unstable proteins" at the SBCN2018 meeting in Bordeaux, based on her experience as Project Manager of the protein production and purification platform at tebu-bio's laboratories.

In November, Joost Boex (Key Account Manager - tebu-bio Netherlands) attended the Dutch Biophysics meeting, where he presented a poster on "SiR probes - a simple way to decipher complex 3D cell culture models" demonstrating the high efficiency of the SiR probes for Live Cell Imaging.


We are pleased to launch a new service for 3D cell culture spheroid production, recreating the 3D environment seen in the body, thus permitting complex in vitro cell / tissue interactions thus mimicking in vivo environments.

tebu-bio again this year presented a poster at the AACR meeting in Washington, DC (USA). Nadia Normand Ph.D, Business Development Manager at tebu-bio, presented our abstract produced in collaboration with the CNRS (France), Anaxomics (Spain) and the Institute of Immunology and Experimental Therapy (Poland) :
"miRNome analyses reveal that activity of CAF expressed podoplanin in the tumour microenvironment is modulated by exosome miRNAs involved in PTEN/PI3K/AKT/mTOR signalling"

tebu-bio's CIR accreditation is again renewed for a further three years (2017, 2018 & 2019), enabling private French companies to benefit from tax refunds on their expenses for  R&D performed by tebu-bio's own European laboratories based near Paris. We initially obtained this accreditation in 2008, which has subsequently been renewed each time.


tebu-bio is pleased to announce their distribution agreement with Dojindo EU GmbH, under which tebu-bio becomes their European distributor as from June 1st, 2016. Dojindo is a renowned chemical reagent manufacture for chelating agents, analytical chemistry, diagnostic research, molecular biology, cell biology, oxidative stress research.
tebu-bio enters an agreement to provide European researchers with access to Time Bioscience's rapidly growing portfolio of drug discovery platforms, consisting of high quality proteins involved in the Wnt/catenin pathway and reporter cell lines designed to monitor the activity of β-catenin-based Wnt signal transduction pathway.


Nadia Normand of tebu-bio laboratories at the AACR 2015Nadia Normand, R&D manager at tebu-bio's laboratories, was pleased to present two posters at the AACR meeting in Philadelphia in April:


Toray's 3D-Gene Platform at tebu(bio laboratories for miRNA and mRNA Arrays ServicesAs a European-based services provider in genomics, proteomics and cell-based assays, tebu-bio enlarges their service portfolio by offering Toray's 3D-Gene® microRNA and mRNA profiling technology to European researchers (see press release).
tebu-bio is pleased to announce their distribution agreement with Stemgent-Asterand, under which tebu-bio becomes their exclusive European distributor as from July 15, 2014.
tebu-bio's CIR accreditation is again renewed for a further three years (2014, 2015 & 2016), enabling private French companies to benefit from tax refunds on their expenses for  R&D performed by tebu-bio's own European laboratories based near Paris. We initially obtained this accreditation in 2008, later renewed for the first time in 2011.

tebu-bio launches a series of new e-Newsletters and a blog named "Being bio-reactive", aimed at informing and sharing news in Life Sciences and Biotechnologies.
tebu-bio participates in the "Experimental and Molecular Therapeutics" poster sessions at the AACR 2014 (San Diego, USA) to present the recent data in Drug Discovery obtained with the SilenciX® KD cellular model applied to synthetic lethality in oxygen controlled (hypoxic) conditions similar to tumor physioxia.


tebu-bio is a partner of the Glycoskin 1 project, certified by the Cosmetic Valley competitive cluster, which has been selected among the call for proposals (AAP) of the FUI 16. tebu-bio brings to the project their expertise in the screening of molecules in cellular models and in multiplex studies to this project.
tebu-bio selects StemCultures' Stem Beads FGF2 (but also Activin-A and EGF), a revolutionary growth factor supplement offering a far more efficient way to grow FGF2 dependent stem cells and iPS cells by enabling feeding only bi-weekly.
To cover researchers' needs for high quality & high purity fluorescent & luminescent dyes and assays, our experts choose Marker Gene Technologies, expanding tebu-bio's existing offer in nucleic acid labelling, cell-based assays, live imaging and molecular biology by 300+ references.
A variety of new, innovative brands for cell culture are introduced, among which GlobalStem and Celartia. tebu-bio also enters into partnerships with Eurogentec (for their research antibodies and molecular biology solutions), and Detroit R&D (antibodies, ELISA kits & antibody arrays).
The French Government renews tebu-bio's authorisation to import, export and store primary cells, valid for all our customers throughout Europe (licence IE-2013-677, valid for a period of 5 years). 

tebu-bio and tebu-bio Laboratories merge to form a single company, to more efficiently provide reagents & services to researchers across Europe.


tebu-bio has been designated one of the winners the PM'up award in the Health/Life Sciences sector, which is attributed by the "Region Ile de France" (regional government).
This award is is given to companies selected by a jury, in recognition of their innovation, capacity to create value and employment, development of international business and efforts towards sustainable development. 
Winners receive guidance and financial support for three years, enabling them to drive growth and access funds for development.

tebu-bio Laboratories launch a new Human Recombinant protein expression platform in HEK293 cells, and also introduce Endocrine Disruptor Screening services.
tebu-bio Laboratories become RayBiotech's Certified European services provider.

tebu-bio's broad and varied Antibody offer is further enhanced with guaranteed antibodies validated for popular applications. We proudly present our new antibody mascot! 
Among the new brands: Quansys Biosciences, Sunred Biological Technology, EnoGene Biotech, Assay Biotechnology, MUbio, Biosensis, Osenses, Full Moon Biosystems...


Our presence in Portugal is further strengthened with the opening of our new offices near Lisbon.
tebu-bio Laboratories receive official renewal of their CIR (Crédit d'Impôt sur la Recherche) accreditation.


Merger of tebu-bio's and tebu-bio Laboratories quality management systems into a single ISO certification.


Optimisation of our supply chain through ERP developments, for improved stock handling and faster delivery. Our local presence in Portugal is further strengthened with the opening of a new subsidiary.


Implementation of a new more powerful ERP for better customer service.


Launch of our own stable silenced cell lines, SilenciX, in collaboration with the CEA. Our protein production platform is optimised, integrating new CHO protein expression technologies.


tebu-bio laboratories are recognised by the French Government as a Young Innovative Company in the Biotechnology field.


Opening of tebu-bio in Spain & Portugal.


A second extension is added to accommodate the laboratory, which is now also ISO certified. 750 square meters are dedicated to various activities of the laboratory.
tebu-bio APS is opened in
Denmark, covering all Nordic territories.


Celebrating 50 years of the company name, a large gathering of staff from all offices takes place at Le-Perray-en-Yvelines.
A new unified name is chosen for the group, tebu-bio. SPB is renamed to tebu-bio laboratories.
A shadow is added to the logo.


ISO 9001-2000 accreditation is obtained for tebu-bio.
La Société Perrotine de Biotechnologies (SPB) is created, with laboratory facilities offering services to private and academic companies.
Premises at Le Perray are extended to include larger offices for technical sales staff, IT, accounting…
The whole of the original building is dedicated to a new Logistics department.
TOTAM Biologicals is opened in the UK, and Trimital SRL is acquired in Italy. With the number of companies growing, the "drop" becomes our logo.
1992 & 1995
Opening of SanverTECH nv in Belgium and subsequently a second company with the same name in the Netherlands; TEBU GmbH is opened in Germany.
1989 & 1991
The number of companies represented has grown to over 20, distribution of the SERVA products is ended. For the first time, the entire turn-over of the company is generated by laboratory reagents.
Extension of the building with a larger warehouse and shipping department.
A new logo is introduced. The droplet was designed to reflect our activities including fluids and the horizontal line illustrates the cap of a bottle.
TEBU moves to new premises at Le-Perray-en-Yvelines, and a new logo with the company name is designed.
TEBU France is acquired by the van Dijk family. The 'laboratory division' is staffed by 2 people and represents 1/3 of total sales. The new owners aim to develop this activity.
Larger facilities are required as laboratory related activities are growing: TEBU moves to Versailles.
C.Ch. van Dijk is appointed General Manager of TEBU France in Paris. Besides selling the products manufactured in the Netherlands, trading in industrial chemicals becomes a new activity.
TEBU France is established as a subsidiary of the Teer Bedrijf Uithoorn, a Dutch tar processing company.
Based in Paris, the new company promotes and sells products manufactured by the Dutch plant.