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Privacy Policy

tebu-bio uses cookies on this website to ensure you the best possible browsing experience each time you visit us. These small cookie files are stored and used by your browser to personalise your visit. They allow us to see how our website can be improved for your comfort of use, and also to avoid you entering certain data or parameters every time you visit for example.

Which cookies does tebu-bio use?

tebu-bio uses the following cookies:

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These are used in conjunction with Google Analytics to analyse how our visitors use our website, which in turn allows us to see where we can work on improvement. Our aim is to make the website as user friendly as possible for you.


Used to remember your preferred currency, which will be automatically displayed each time you visit the website.


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This cookie simply remembers if you agree or not to the use of cookies on the tebu-bio website.

Any future changes to our use of cookies will be posted here. Please refer to this page to remain informed about the use of cookies when you visit the tebu-bio website.

Last update: 11/02/2013