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tebu-bio's Antibody Reward ​Program

Publish your work or describe a new application and apply for a free antibody!

tebu-bio's Research Antibody product range is expanding all the time, with an ever growing number of publications citing our reagents.

A tebu-bio Antibody Reward Program has been set up in collaboration with our partner Abnova. We're pleased to offer a free antibody* for each recent publication citing their products or describing a new application with corresponding data. 

How do I submit my application online?

If you're already logged in to your mytebu-bio account, simply click on the link below and you'll be taken straight to the application form.

If you're not logged in or haven't yet got a mytebu-bio account, you'll first be invited to enter your details or setup your new account.

Click here to apply online for your free product!

*of equal value or less than a full-size vial of the product cited.