tebu-bio is a European company specialised in providing innovative reagents and laboratory services in Life Sciences

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Facilitating procurement for you




We take care of all factors surrounding your projects, so you can fully concentrate on your goals and objectives.


Rationalise your supplier interactions

Working with Tebubio enables you to optimize the number of suppliers you deal with. Interacting with one provider means you can allocate ressources to other needs. 

Access many solutions and marketplaces through Tebubio's international connections. Benefit from our expertise to accompany you.

Avoid risks when working with new suppliers, we manage all the ethical, legal and financial rules and regulations.


Streamline and simplify your ordering

Increase your purchasing efficiency with e-catalogues and punch-out integrations by our IT services in collaboration with yours.

Directly benefit from your pricing agreements when ordering online, or through integrated services.

Pay in your own currency, with clear pricing, no surprises. Gain time, and save resources and costs.


Optimise your project management

You can rely on us to fully handle shipping and customs clearance into the European Union and to all countries within.

Your products are acquired and delivered in full respect of international import/export permits (CITES, Human cells & samples...).

Increase reactivity for your projects, with specific batch reservations, on-demand and/or multi-site deliveries to match your time-lines and schedules.

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