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Addressing Unique Challenges with Custom In Vitro Test Systems

July 27th, 2021

6pm CEST 

Sometimes, standard products just don’t fit the objective of a unique assay. In this webinar, Products Director and custom test system expert, Zell Woodworth, will discuss some of the unique challenges his team have solved and the ways custom solutions are designed and executed to help researchers and drug developers meet goals outside the reach of standard in vitro products. He will be joined by Manager of Technical Support for Products, Dr. Chris Bohl, for a live Q&A with webinar registrants

Presented by Zell Woodwarth - Division Director of Products - SEKISUI XenoTech
Registration Link https://www.xenotech.com/about/events/webinar-addressing-unique-challenges-with-custom-in-vitro-test-systems/


mRNA Applications: Development of mRNA and its Applications

August 3rd, 2021

6pm - 7pm CEST 

In recent years, the development of mRNA and its applications has dramatically expanded across therapeutic areas. The clinical development of mRNA products includes a number of unique features and considerations that are rooted in mRNA’s molecular characteristics. In this webinar, May Guo, MBA, Director of Business Development at TriLink BioTechnologies, will highlight important aspects to consider as you develop your mRNA tools and drugs. A live Q&A session will follow the presentation.

Presented by May Gao, MBA - Director, Business Development - TriLink BioTechnologies
Registration Link mRNA Applications: Development of mRNA and its applications (gotowebinar.com)
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