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tebu-bio's response and actions

tebu-bio is taking all necessary steps to continue to support our customers

The current COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic is affecting a vast number of countries, and thus research institutes, private companies and manufacturers around the world.

We are aware that for a number of our customers all activity is necessarily suspended, whereas other research companies and institutes remain operational and are pursuing their projects.

Taking into account official restrictions imposed per country, tebu-bio's headquarters (France) and local offices across Europe, will continue to organise purchasing, deliveries and technical support

We will adapt our processes in response to the availability of products, possible shipping restrictions, and site accessibility conditions already in effect for some of our customers and manufacturers. Our couriers have informed us they are able to ship to the majority of destinations, and their drivers follow official recommendations for minimal or zero contact during delivery of parcels.

Our laboratories remain operational, and will maintain ongoing projects and initiate new ones as required.

We realise the impact this will have on your daily life, and your research. The situation is continuously evolving, and we will react and adjust our methods accordingly.

As your trusted provider of services and reagents for your Life Sciences research, our objective is to maintain the high level of service we always strive to provide, throughout this complicated period.

We invite you to stay in contact with your local tebu-bio office for any queries you may have, we will be pleased to help.


In accordance with national governmental restrictions, tebu-bio is enabling our employees to work from home where possible.
We are equipped with fully secure, on-line shared resources, allowing our team members to be operational regardless of their location.

All company travel is, of course, suspended. We will be happy to re-organise and attend postponed events when possible again, and look forward to resuming the personal meetings we appreciate with our customers.

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