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SilenciX - Stably silenced HeLa Cell Lines

SilenciX HeLa cells (Control and DNA-PKcs) -IHC staining of DNA-PKcs HeLa SilenciX cells 163 days after transfectionSilenciX® cells are Tebubio's ready-to-use, knockdown (KD) cell lines using a unique siRNA Delivery system.

The SilenciX® technology combines RNAi technology, EBV derived vectors and a Designer of Small Interfering RNA (DSIR) program.

This enables the generation of syngenic, ready-to-use and stable cellular in vitro models stably silenced for a gene of interest.


This technology has already been validated in the scientific literature in various biological domains and applications such as DNA Repair, Epigenetics, Ubiquitination and the cell cycle, Drug discovery, cell signalling and mechanism of action.

The SilenciX® technology has already been shown to be compatible with numerous mammalian cell types including Human, Primate and Rodent cells.


Why choose SilenciX®?

The SilenciX® technology brings stability and efficiency of knockdown in a syngenic model at an affordable cost. More than one hundred ready-to-use models with specific and efficient knockdown are already available.

  • High silencing efficiency

We obtain >80% KD (Tebubio quality controls are performed by qPCR) leading to very low remaining gene expression in SilenciX®, compared to endogenous expression.

  • KD stability - more than 500 days in culture

- Stable silencing over time (months) reinforced with hygromycine selection

  • Syngenic Cell Lines

No integration into the genome - vector remains anchored to the chromosomes giving access to
comparable genetic background between cell line control and knock-down.

  • in vitro liposomal transfection


Catalogue or fully customized - there's a SilenciX® suited to your needs...

The SilenciX technology is available as catalogue products (HeLa cells stably silenced for a gene of interest).
Or, depending on your needs, our laboratories can design and develop custom SilenciX cell lines from your cell lines.

Browse among our 100+ cell lines already available from catalogue
Get your Custom SilenciX®

If your target is not available, just let us know your cell type of interest and your target gene and our project managers will be pleased to suggest personalised solutions for your project. To learn more, we invite you to get in touch with your local Tebubio office.

What is in my ready-to-use SilenciX® HeLa cell line kit?

  • 1 vial of target specific SilenciX® cells
  • 1 vial of control SilenciX® cells (transfected with a non-relevant shRNA sequence)
  • Specification sheets with quantatitive PCR quality controls
  • Complete User Manual

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