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ADME-Tox toolbox - Find your reagents and services

We supply ADME-Tox scientists with reliable, high quality reagents, through long-standing partnerships with leading brands

Many of these products are quite unique, such as the patented Cryostax hepatocytes from Sekisui Xenotech together with their extensive liver research biobank and powerful customization capacities, the ready-to-use TransiPort cells from Genomembrane and their superior monolayer quality, or the CYP Bactosomes from CYPEX with their convenient standardized format.

Together with blood derived products, we supply a whole range of primary cells and cell lines as models in toxicity studies. Dedicated reagents are available for biologics metabolism and toxicity studies, such as lysosomes and cytokine quantification tools. If you'd like to discuss which products are right for your research, click here to get in touch with our experts.

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Extrahepatic tissuesGenotyped microsomes Research Biobank Transporter Cell Lines Recombinant Enzymes - Standardised EasyCYPGenotyped HepatocytesHuman and Animal hepatocytesHuman and Animal subcellular fractionsReaction Phenotyping kit Research Biobank NASH Tissue Microarray Recombinant Enzymes - Standardised EasyCYP Nuclear receptor transactivation studies Spheroid Platform Transporter Cell Lines Human and Animal subcellular fractions Genotyped microsomes Extrahepatic tissues Recombinant Enzymes - Human Bactosomes Human Hepatocytes Human subcellular fractions Microsomes S9 Lysosomes Hepatocytes Hepatocytes Stellate Cells Kupffer Cells Serum Plasma Cytosol PBMC Non-parenchymal cells Seksui Xenotech Genomembrane Cypex Cell Applications ZenBio BioLife Solutions Puracyp