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Quantify 15 Human cytokines on 80 samples - Service for only 2399€

tebu-bio laboratories Quansys platform for multiplexing analysis

Benefit from this service using the Quansys plate 112449HU. Your samples can be plasma, serum and cell culture supernatant, and the service takes 1-2 weeks. The pricing equals 30 euros per well.

Saving, saving and saving

  • Sample saving - 50µl to quantify 15 cytokines
  • Cost saving - 3 to 4 times cheaper than the single ELISA kits
  • Time saving and peace of mind - YES, it's a service, not just a kit!

Promise of obtaining high quality data

  • High sensitivity
  • Large range
  • High reproducibility

Integral system

  • Real multiplex ELISA kit
  • Dedicated and optimized imager
  • Easy-to-use and high-grade software

Do you need more?

  • More species - Human, Mouse, Rat and even Porcine
  • More analytes - customizable with up to 20 analytes per well
  • More samples - decreased pricing
  • More projects - possibility to acquire the technology in-house
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