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CleanCap mRNA is the new generation of capped mRNA

Many applications....

CleanCap mRNA can be used in many applications, including CRISPR-CAS9 gene editing, optimisation of mRNA delivery into cells, RNA therapeutics, protein production...

  • in vivo grade - ready to use
  • Boosted protein production in mammalian cells
  • Highly reduced toxicity thanks to 5moU modification

90% capped mRNA

Trilink has developped a 3rd generation of capping mRNA. It is a CAP1 structure closer to the natural structure into Mammalian cells. The proprietary method brings higher capping efficiency than ARCA that provides CAP0 structure.


Image - above left: Structure of CAP1 capping
Image - above right: Higher capped mRNA with CleanCap than with ARCA

Boost of protein activity0

The CleanCap mRNA are available with 5-methoxy-uridine modification (5moU) that increases a lot the protein activity compare to the wild type mRNA.

Image - right: GFP fluorescence boosted with 5moU modification into several cell types

Lower toxicity on transfected cells

The CleanCap 5moU also reduces the toxicity.

Actually, the CAP1 combined with the 5moU modification improve the mRNA stability into the cells, reduce the immune response of the cells against this foreign mRNA, boost the translation producing more protein and reduce the toxicity.

Image - right: Cell toxicity monitoring after mRNA transfection of THP-1 cells

eGFP and Luciferase CleanCap mRNA controls

mRNA can be used for gene editing, gene replacement and vaccines in perspective of RNA-based therapies. The main challenge, or at least the first, is the delivery into the targeted cells. This R&D step requires fair mRNA controls. The 2 most popular are CleanCap eGFP (5moU) mRNA and Firefly luciferase (5moU) mRNA. They are available and ready-to-ship.

There are also mCherry, Gaussian luciferase version and beta-galactosidase. Explore our complete range of CleanCap mRNA available as catalogue products. You might also like to take a look at the CleanCap CAS9 mRNA for vector-free genome editing and transgenesis.

As a service

Custom production is also possible even for large ORF of interest (up to 15kb). Get in touch via the form on this page to find out which solution will suit your research needs best.