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tebu-bio Travel Grants - Apply now for the next draw

Win 400€ towards your next scientific meeting

As an expression of our commitment towards developing European life sciences, our Researchers Travel Grant program was started in 2006 to help European life scientists meet their expenses towards attending a life sciences meeting of their choice, anywhere in the world.

For example, in just the past five years we have been pleased to award 120 researchers across Europe.

There will be 4 draws in 2018 -  the 6 winners of each draw will receive 400€.

Congratulations to our October 2017 winners!

Congratulations to our 6 lucky winners of the final draw last year, which took place on October 6th:

Guiliana Banche
Inês Mesquita
Carla Barceló Gómez
Sofia Santos
Wenshi Wang
Pedro Rodrigues

Their grant will help them to meet their expenses for travelling to their chosen scientific meeting.

To thank all our other participants, we're pleased to offer them a discount voucher worth 100€, redeemable against their next order with tebu-bio.

Photos of the draw have been posted on our Facebook page here!

When is the next tebu-bio Travel Grant draw?

Here are the dates for 2018...

  • February 23rd - Applications are now open
  • April 27th
  • June 29th
  • October 5th


How do the tebu-bio travel grants work?

Applications are subject to the conditions below (no purchase required)

We welcome your participation in as many draws as you like throughout the year, but please note only one application per researcher can be entered per draw. Application deadline is 2 working days prior to each draw.

  • You must work in a European life sciences laboratory
  • The meeting you plan to attend must take place after the date of the draw you are participating in
  • The application package must include:
    • Name & dates of the meeting you plan to attend
    • Summary of the poster you will present or your presentation at the meeting
    • Letter of recommendation from the head of your laboratory
    • Your research project must be based on experimental methods involving biological and biochemical reactions with reagents such as antibodies, proteins, oligonucleotides or cells (eg. sequencing, cell-based assays, cell culture, ELISA, microscopy experiments…)

Click here to apply online now

Do you know anyone who might like to apply? Tell them about it!

And after the draw?

Winners are contacted directly by our local offices following the results of the draw and by participating, accept that their names are published on the tebu-bio website and on our Facebook page. All other confirmed applicants will receive an e-mail confirming their voucher and how to redeem it.