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Research Assays by Tebubio

Your local, specialised source for Research Assays & Kits...

Different steps in research require different assays. From detection (semi-quantitative) to quantification, from mere detection of the presence of a protein, to activity assays to test activators / inhibitors…

Access to Innovation

Boost your research with our innovative products... we regularly introduce cutting-edge assays & kits from the most renowned sources & manufacturers. 
From the classical enzymatical / activity and ELISA assays, to the latest trending techniques: multiplex ELISA, FRET assays, cell-based assays… we strive to offer off-the-shelf solutions for your research, and when necessary, we study the best approach to develop custom assays for you.

Local and Personal assistance

You'll find a great deal of information on our website about our products: data-sheets, protocols, videos... it's all here to make life simpler for you.

But it's easy to make contact with us - our friendly teams are always pleased to help. You'll benefit from personalized, expert support through our wide network of local offices in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Scandinavia, Spain and the UK & Eire.
Or get in touch with someone right away via our Live Chat, in a single click!

Looking for a specific assay and can't find it?

Take it easy! Our Assay Specialists are on hand to help... They will be pleased to assist you whenever needed and suggest fully adapted solutions to make your life easier when choosing your assay (quantitative or semi-quantitative, enzymatic activity, detailed protocols...).
Test small sizes of the assays of your choice in your experimental conditions at a reasonable price!
Contact one of our specialists or local offices to check if small sizes are available for the assay of your interest, or if you're eligible for a validation discount program.

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